Big Sky Multi-Sport Racing Team

Who We Are

Look, most of us aren't your typical "multi-sport" athlete. We enjoy eating, drinking beer, and were dumb enough to get talked into doing these crazy things. We train to maintain some manner of health, and to lessen the guilt of that third or fourth Moose Drool.

The Story

It all started last year when a guy named Mike Verdeyen decided to run the Ironman Triathlon in Madison, Wisconsin. It was a bitterly cold and crummy day all around, but Mike finished it and looked like a rockstar doing it. A couple of people went over to watch this amazing feat, one of which (Joe Olson, to be specific) thought that he shouldn't be such a slug and do something like that too.

Before long, a couple more people decided they, too, would like to not be such a slug. A couple of committments, and a couple of discussions later, a full blown team was starting to form. As we started to reach a greater level of interest, a couple of us thought it would be a good idea to get uniforms. After looking into it, we found that they were kind of pricey, but it wouldn't be too bad if we had some sponsorship to help us offset the costs.

The first sponsor onboard was RedPrairie with a most generous offer. A couple of us asked several different establishments that we knew and frequented, and some of them said YES! We also e-mailed the folks at Big Sky Brewing in hopes that lightening would strike and they wouldn't throw the e-mail out. We explained how we frequently used their product (not an exageration) and what we were thinking of doing from a racing perspective. Much to our surprise, they said yes, too!!

Our first team event was the Pewaukee Triathlon (see below) where around 45 people participated in BSR uniforms, many of which were first time triathletes. Our plan going forward is to run as many races as we can. We'll likely aim for a tentpole event each year, likely the Pewaukee Triathlon, in which to participate as a large group.

Wanna Join?

If you are interested in joining Big Sky Racing, drop me an e-mail at brandon at dogsbuttbrew dot com and I will get back to you with information.


Our Sponsors

Useful Resources

The following links will be quite useful if you are interested in following or even joining Big Sky Multi-Sport Racing: