Welcome to the Dog's Butt Brewery

In August of 2000, I started brewing my own beer.  This beer I like to call Dog's Butt Beer.  So far I have only brewed two batches of beer and two batches of root beer, but I have big plans to make more!!!

The brewery consists of a 16 quart (4 gallon) brew kettle (large aluminum pot) where the ingredients are combined and boiled for 1 hour, a 6.5 gallon plastic primary fermentation vessel, a 5 gallon glass secondary fermentation vessel, a 6.5 gallon plastic bottling bucket, some siphon equipment, bottles, caps, and a bottle capper, and that's about it.  Recently I have added a jet spray bottle washer, which works wonders on cleaning the bottles, a large plastic agitating device (commonly known as a spoon), and a wort aerator (a fish pump with tubing and an air stone).  In the near future, I plan on adding a wort chiller and a bottle drying tree.  When these are completed, I will post the plans to this page.

Below you will find samples of my recipes and methods, along with the labels that I have affixed to the bottles of the beers I've made.  I hope you enjoy!!!  I know I do whenever possible.

American Light Ale (all gone)

Santa Amber (all gone)
Puppy's Butt Root Beer (all gone)
Pappy O'Grady's Real Bark Root Beer (3 bottles left)
Moon Halo Mead (March 2001)
Chihuahua Cream Ale (April 2001)
Easy E's Rock Apple Brew (October 2001)
Captain Barley's Steam Brew (Bottled January 2002)
[NO LABEL] Chocolate Oatmeal Stout (February 2002)
Puppy's Butt Root Beer III (March 2002)
[NO LABEL] Honeymoon Dry Mead (Spring 2002)
[NO LABEL] Raspberry Pale Ale (Spring 2002)
[NO LABEL] Vanilla Cream Ale (Spring/Summer 2002)

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