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April 10

It's Raining Outside, You've Nowhere to Hide

Cold again.  Today, however, the weather has thrown us a slight curve ball, it's now also raining.  Nice combination.  In an attempt to coerce the weather in our favor, I don a pair of shorts and drive out to the dam for a run.  The dam was constructed by the Army Corp of Engineers and is quite impressive on its own.  Perhaps more impressive, however, is the lake trail they have constructed on the south side of the dam.  OK, maybe not that impressive, but it was a nice place for a light jog.  The trail lead from the visitor's center on the south side of the dam all the way to the Marina, about 2.2 miles away.  Along the way were trail heads for the Branson Belle Showboat and some state park.  The trail itself looks like they used it as an excuse to practice building roads.  It was perfectly crowned with ample drainage on either side.  Very nice jog.  I ended up going only about 2.8 miles.  The nicest part was running past the park outside the Branson Belle showboat.

When I got back, Jenny and Ethan were ready to start our day, so I grabbed a quick shower and we headed out.  The first stop of the day was to allow Jenny to get her e-mail (did I mention how addicted we are to the Internet).  Jenny is having a hard time letting go of work, so she wanted to make sure she dialed in and answered all those asking important questions of her in her absence.  So back to Starbucks we went.  This time Jenny had no problem getting connected.  We stayed there for about an hour.  Ethan passed the time playing video games on some cool table-top vintage video games.  He enjoyed these for the entire hour even though we only had 2 quarters among us.

After getting our e-mail we decided to get some lunch.  We didn't have time to go back to the condo, so we stopped at a Tex-Mex restaurant instead, Poncho Villa's.  The food was outstanding, but nothing too different from most Mexican restaurants.

After lunch it was time for our show.  Today we saw Six.  This show is put on by six real brothers (from the same two parents).  The format was a-capella singing with a twist.  This group not only sang the vocals, they also sang all the instrumentals.  At one point, one of the members said that they used to be too poor to buy instruments, and now they are just too cheap to buy them.  They had some very good interpretations of some old favorites, from the Beach Boys to Elvis and many others.  Of course, like all things in Branson, they had to end the show with some gospel music, but even that was excellent, perhaps even more so than the other songs as the sextet dedicated all voices to the vocals rather than splitting up to do instrumentals.  All in all an excellent show, and inexpensive, so if you are in the Branson Area, try to catch this one.

After the show it was back to the condo for a quite evening of tacos, watching the rain, and taking in some movies.  Tomorrow will be a jam packed day of spelunking and shopping in Branson, then the crescendo of the week, a day at Silver Dollar City.

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