Updated October 4, 2002

It's been a busy month!!!  Ethan is talking up a storm now.  I can't really say how many words he uses, because he will say something and then stop saying it for awhile, but say something completely different.  His favorite words are no, no way, and Barley, although he still likes outside, hot, hi, nigh night, etc.  The list goes on and on.  It really is amazing to see his development!!!  Yesterday he surprised me by pointing to a bottle of bubbles and saying "bubble," and also when I asked if he wanted some cheese, he pointed to his mouth and said "teeth."  I guess his speaking is better than his hearing.

Ethan has turned into a big Packer fan.  Well, okay, he likes to say Football and Touchdown while he plays with his football.  He also enjoys climbing on anything.  He especially likes to climb into our bay window and fall out (I don't know how much he enjoys the falling out part).  One day he repeatedly climbed onto our ottoman and fell off of it onto his sleeping bag.  Apparently it didn't hurt that much...  He has learned the benefits of giving hugs and kisses, and Jenny and I enjoy every one we get, no matter how wet and sloppy.

Speaking of wet and sloppy, Ethan has lots of teeth now.  So many that I haven't counted.  But he still has more coming, which is evidenced by the fact that he drools almost constantly.  I can't believe that he doesn't get dehydrated with all the drooling.

The other day, Ethan scared the living hell out of me.  We were playing outside, as we normally do, and I was getting something out of the car.  I went into the car and retrieved the item that I was interested in, then turned around and could not find Ethan anywhere.  Normally he is just around the corner, so I looked around the corner, between the cars, I couldn't find him anywhere.  So I panicked, and started yelling for him, when I heard a little laugh just in front of me.  Ethan had climbed into the bicycle trailer that we have for him and was hiding from me.  Very funny, ha, ha.

This month marks Ethan's first outing for Halloween.  Jenny and I can't wait to take him around in his Mickey Mouse outfit that we got from the Disney store.  I haven't decided what I will go as yet.  For updates and pictures, come back next month.

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