Grady House Video

2001 Collection

Welcome to the Grady House Video production page.  Our video production facilities consist of a Canon ZR10 MiniDV video camera, a 1 GHz Athlon Windows ME computer system, and StudioDV editing software and firewire card from Pinnacle Systems.  With these tools, we are able to create and edit videos that exceed the quality normally found in home videos.  My vision is to make home videos that can be viewed more than once.  So often when we make home movies they end up sitting in the video cabinet for years and years until somebody has the desire and the time to sit and watch hours and hours of nothing so they can see the 4-5 minutes of something worth watching, like when the dog stole the banana or when your child walked for the first time.  So my philosophy is to cut to the chase and to edit out all of the extraneous drivel until there is a small, cohesive video which stands on its own, and can be viewed in 15 minutes or (preferably) less.

I'd like to put links to some of our videos on this page, but really none of them are worth the money and effort to have them hosted on the web, yet.  However, if you would like to see any of the videos, I would be happy to send you a VHS tape or VideoCD of the 2001 Collection so far.  If you wait until the end of the year, you can have the entire 2001 Collection.  Simply e-mail me and I will send one your way.  

Below are descriptions of each of the projects that I've worked on so far, and the projects that are in the works.  If you have any questions or requests, don't hesitate to contact me and I will answer to the best of my ability.

Slip Slidin' Away

This video was created for our nephew, Chris Poeschel, on the occasion of his first accident.  Chris was driving down the road in our home town, Neillsville, and was unable to stop in time before ramming our 2000 Jeep Cherokee.  Needless to say, he was a bit embarrassed, but we got some of his reactions on tape anyway.

Brandon and Jenny's Christmas 2K - Barley's First Christmas

This is my vision!  60 minutes of Christmas footage from the 2000 Holiday season compressed down to 4 minutes and 30 seconds, set to music.  This basically covers it all.  It hits all of the highlights and you don't have to sit there for 60 minutes to watch it all.  Footage includes our Christmas in Waukesha, Christmas with the Gradys in Neillsville, Christmas with the Tibbetts in Neillsville, and various Christmas footage of Barley, our puppy of then only one month.

Before Baby - Our life before the birth of our first child

This is a work in process.  It will consist of footage of both Jenny's and my life to this point.  It will include pictures and video footage, as well as some commentary from Jenny and I.  It should be done by the end of April.

A Day In the Life

This is an idea I had on the way home from our baby shower.  I was thinking about how most filmmakers and novel writers have one thing in common, they have all had unordinary lives in one way or another.  Sometimes the thing that is out of the ordinary is how they perceive the world.  I was wondering why this was, when I think I discovered it.  Why would we want to watch what most people do every day, when there is nothing out of the ordinary going on.  This film aims to illustrate why we don't have films like this...

View the script.

Baby 2K1

Various videos of our first child.  It's not born yet, so this may change into several different themed videos...

Steve and Aimee's Wedding

There is currently a cut of this on the computer that I like to call "The MTV Cut."  It is fast and furious, but maybe too much so.  Jenny doesn't like it, but I showed it to Aimee and she seemed to think it was pretty cool.  I will probably re-cut it shortly and finally give it to them as a present.

Aimee and Steve - Through The Years

This was one of the two secret projects on the burner for this year.  This project involved scanning a bunch of pictures of Aimee and Steve from their lives to this point.  I then set those pictures to music and showed it at the rehearsal dinner for their rehearsal.  It turned out very good, even though the pictures were a bit "stale" because there was no motion.  Still, this seemed to have much better quality than the picture method I chose to use with Mom and Dad's video (discussed next).

Glen and Cheryl - A Match Made in Iowa

This was the other super secret project for this year.  This was definitely the most ambitious project I've ever taken on in the video world.  It all started by asking the mom and dad's family members to submit content for a video for their anniversary.  Many of the members of dad's family contributed as well as all of my siblings.  What resulted was a 45 minute video covering stories from over the years about mom and dad. 

The results of this video were mixed.  I thought the content was pretty good, but a little more planning could have been done to make it a bit more cohesive.  Also, most parts of the video turned out very good, but others had some serious audio problems.  This was due to the fact that the audio I captured from the videos was not loud enough for some clips and OK for others.  I will have to address this.  I've already purchased an external microphone for my camera, but it may not have helped in this situation.  When I come across another situation like this in the future, it will have to be addressed.  The other problem was using Windows ME.  The big problem was that I couldn't capture everything in full quality mode, which I would rather do since it is easier.  Luckily Studio DV saved me here because its function to go back and re-capture just the scenes you need worked very well.  However, I'd like to upgrade to Windows XP just so I can get around the file size limitation.

If you would like to see the video, just drop me a note and I'd be happy to tape you a copy, or to create a VideoCD if you have a VideoCD capable DVD player.