Bike Hangar Idea

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Thought I would put this out there as I had never thought of this before. We needed to hang our bikes in the garage. I didn’t really want to spend too much money on hardware, so we just got the cheap hooks that you can get at Home Depot - they were like $1.50 each. I typically don’t like using those hooks because it’s a pain to find studs to drill and put them into, and then when you do, it rarely lines up with the thing you want to hang.

Not sure if I saw this at Home Depot or if I dreamed it up on my own (doubtful), but rather than put the hooks directly into the studs, I instead purchased a 2x4, drilled the holes for the hooks, then attached the 2x4’s to the ceiling. Worked pretty well…

Hanging Bikes

Written by Brandon Grady
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