She's Coming Home!!!

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Riding to my Red Eye

Dulles Airport

Empty International Arrival Terminal

UA 951 from Brussels

At at DGM, Ironic Lunch

The Wait is Excruciating

The Plane has Landed!

Busiest Time of Day

She's Here!


Proof - in the U.S.

Playing Dress-up

And... Out.

Playing with Mama

Women, they be shoppin!

Playing with Yaya

Starting the Hair Restoration Project

Left on the red-eye on Saturday night. Nothing open in the airport. Arrived at Dulles at 4:00 AM. Nothing open in the airport. $25 cab ride to the hotel 7 miles away. Couldn’t check me in. I annoyed them into letting me check in early. Napped for 2 hours.

Back to the airport on the 1:00 shuttle. Two customs area, asked about it. Waited - and waited. Ate at DGM - sort of apropos. Most popular time to land internationally…

Finally came! Fataki was beautiful. Mireille was walking. Wouldn’t look at me Didn’t cry, not even a little. Needed to stay strong for her!

Rode back, was a little teary, but not bad. That sort of makes me sad… I hope she doesn’t have attachment disorder or something.

Chocolate broke the ice. Wet, WET diaper. Convinced her to change it - just picked her up. Rode back to hotel. Immediately dug into the toys, and PLAYED! Tons! Sang songs, talked constantly. Soap (savon), rubbed it all over her belly. Insisted I change her diaper three times, never wet. Tried to sit her on the potty. Ate 3 packages of fruit snacks. Opened everything. Packed and unpacked the suitcase. Loves her clothes! Made me change them twice. Found matching pants in her suitcase. Makes me put her shoes on when she gets dressed. Sings songs, mimics the elevator bell. Loves to be tickled, but not to have a zbert.

Wow - what a day!


Cried in the car, confused by the car seat. Totally freaked out by the dog. Took a bath - she liked it Quin read her a bedtime story. Gave her his night light. Slept 9 hours, woke up at 3:15 Jenny got up.

Playing with Quin now, bossing him around. Making him carry her purse.

Taking him by the hand, making him

Written by Brandon Grady
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