Bringing Quin home

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Yesterday we got the call that Quin was going to be discharged from the hospital. It was going to be later in the day, so we took Ethan out of school around 12:30 and headed over to the hospital. When we walked into the nursery, we were surprised to find two doctors circumcising Quin. We thought that had happened already in the morning! Well, it was somewhat interesting to watch, but Ethan was not so impressed. He asked me what was going on. After telling him, he was officially appalled and decided he didn’t want to watch or be near that, so we went and found a TV for him to watch Zathura.

About an hour later, they were ready to discharge Quin to our care. Since then, it’s been your basic baby caring stuff. He likes to eat, he does so about every three hours or so. He also likes to sleep. He does that in between eating.

Today we took him to see our doctor for the first time and all seems to be going well. I did not remember how much time these little people can take. It’s not so much the amount of time you take tending to them, but running after things that you need to get for them. Like today, it took us about 15 minutes just to get ready to go, then we drove all over the place to get to the doctor, went to Target to pickup a prescription and some baby things, then we had to go vote… By the time we got back, we had been gone for like 5 hours. So much for that novel I was going to write…

Anyway, here are some more pictures for your enjoyment.

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