Great West Adventure - Day 2

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As should probably be expected, since Quin went to bed at around 6:00 local time, he woke up around 4:30 local. I suppose the day was going to start early! We aimed to do quite a bit during this day, but ultimately decided to back it off a bit seeing as how we were still a bit groggy from the previous day’s travels. We did manage to get to the (Superstition Mountain Museum)[] which is the site of an old Hollywood set for westerns which only recently burned to the ground. We also spent some time at (Goldfield Ghost Town)[] where we got to see a gunfight, Ethan bought a cowboy hat, and we ended up taking in some old west entertainment at the Saloon.

The day was not without excitement, however. In the morning, Jenny and I went to get some Starbucks and to get some things from WalMart, something we have to do each day during vacation. When I went to get my credit card from my wallet, I was shocked to find it missing! Luckily I remembered using it at a different WalMart the day before, and a quick call to them proved that I had indeed left it there. Something about vacations makes me sloppy with my wallet!

At the end of the day, while my dad cooked chicken for supper and Jenny and mom went to Kohls to look for sweet deals, the boys and I were watching the Superstition Mountains turn different colors in the sunset. Ethan and I got onto the topic of Spanish, saying different phrases in Spanish to each other. At one point, Ethan said to me, “Say shut-up in Spanish.” Quinton, without missing a beat, said “Shut-up in Spanish.” Not a single hint of irony in his voice… He’s got great timing, I’ll give him that.

Written by Brandon Grady
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