Spring Break 2014 - Happy Easter!

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Welcome to Grady Spring Break, 2014! The itenerary is quite extensive, to be sure, and the destinations exotic!

The trip started yesterday where we left the house in the van around 9:00 AM, heading north! Yes, you read that correctly, we headed NORTH for spring break. Didn’t say we were all that bright! The first stop was probably just off of MTV’s list of destinations for this year’s spring break, Neillsville, WI.

OK, so we’re sort of mailing in Spring Break this year. Rather than doing something exotic with lots of driving or flying, we’re going to hang out with family near places that we know and enjoy. This weekend we’ll be staying with Jenny’s family. In fact we just got back from Easter Mass this morning, and got to spend several hours with Jenny’s siblings last night where we ate too much and got some outside time (it’s above 50 degrees, which means outside time in Wisconsin!).

Today promises to be a nice lazy day. It will be just the Grady’s and Tom and Shirley, something that rarely happens. Tomorrow we head to Minneapolis by way of Waubasha, MN, where some gigantic toy store and some eagle place are beconing us. Tomorrow night we’ll be staying with my brother, Blaine, and then heading to the real highlight, Embassy Suites near the Mall of America. Should be a hoot.

Ethan and I have two goals for this vacation. First, we want to eat breakfast at Taco Bell. Second, we want to see the new Captain America movie. Yeah, pretty ambitious. I hope we are able to pull it off!

Until then, I’ll share pictures as I get them. I’m sure we’ll be putting something together for more mass sharing as we get back and synchronize up from our big, non-internet connected camera. Below is a sample of what we’re doing today - playing on our devices… That’s kind of what we do these days…

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