Spring Break 2014 - Home!

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Raining again this morning. As we were packing our room, I was thinking on my post from last night and how I had forgotten to put some important color on it. After the mall, the three boys (Ethan, Quin, and Loudon) and I went swimming in the pool. After we had swum for awhile, a couple of young girls came in - I would estimate they were around 10 or 11 years old. At one point they went to sit in the hot tub, where Quin followed them. I didn’t even notice he was gone… I was hanging with my nepphew, trying to show him how to float. A couple of minutes later, Quin comes jumping into the regular pool and asks me, quiely, “dad, where do we live?” I told him Oconomowoc, and he got out of the pool and went back to the hot tub. A couple of minutes later he did the same thing, this time asking what state we lived in… Then went back… It was kind of spooky how natural he was at working these two girls - I was at once impressed and taking notes.

This morning we got up, packed up, then went to Al and Araceli’s house for breakfast with them and my parents. It was a wonderful breakfast and nice to spend time with the family before we headed home. The funniest part of the morning by far was when Quin asked Araceli, “Are you a Mexican?” She responded that she was, indeed, Mexican. He then asked her, “how did you get here?” I was somewhat mortified, but at the same time wanted to see where it went. She patiently explained to him that Mexico was just south of the US and even tried to show him on the globe that was handy. I think he lost interest… Still, it was pretty funny.

Fast forward 5 hours and we’re home. We’ve been making a tradition out of saving the last day of vacation for when we get home. It’s just more comfortable here and sometimes it’s nice to pretend that you don’t have a bunch of stuff to do but still be comfortable. So that’s what we’re doing now. No laundry, no cooking, just relaxing with our own stuff. We even went to a movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which I found quite entertaining. Might have been a bit much for Quin…

So that’s it for this year’s spring break. Tomorrow we’re back to almost normal. We have some work on the house to do, need to pick up the dog, and then it’s on to a weekend full of soccer, the first of MANY weekends like that. It’s been fun, but now life must go on.

Written by Brandon Grady
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