The Great Congolese Caper - Day 2 - In the Air

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Seat 33G to Kinshasa

I’m Tired!

Despite there only being like 50 people in the gate area, this flight is completely full! I’m on the aisle in the middle section among the cattle again. The seat’s not bad, though there’s little leg room due to a heater or some box that is in my leg area. This is a cutting edge plane… from the 90s. It has screens in each of the seatbacks that are touch sensitive (sort of) and retain the old 4:3 aspect ration. Didn’t matter - I slept for a couple of hours, woke up and watched Birdman (or most of it), then slept some more before watching the flight information channel as we descended to Kinshasa, where it was already dark by 6:30 when we landed… 1 Day down and I’ve seen very little sunlight!

Written by Brandon Grady
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