Vacation 2009 - Evil River Part II

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Here it is, the big vacation update! Of course, it’s been a month since we went, so the memories have already started to fade, but I’ve uploaded some pictures to our photo gallery and the site’s slideshow is now showing them. Hopefully this gives a better idea of how the vacation went. To see all of the pictures in the album, either click on the slideshow, or try this link here

In August of this year, our family joined the Zieglers, Johnsons, and Abholds on a trip to St. Germaine, WI to stay at one of the remote Black Bear Lodge resorts. The resort was pretty nice, 6 cabins arranged along the lake with piers out front, a firepit, a shared fish house, and a “game room.” We selected the first off-peak week to book our stay, and were rewarded with some of the coldest weather I can remember on a summer vacation. The first day was pretty nice, in the low 80s, and the second wasn’t too bad, in the mid to upper 70s, but that was the end of that. Weather ranged from the 30s at night to windy and 50s during the day. Our cabins faced west, so we took the full brunt of the wind most of the time. Luckily we were able to find activities to do that did not involve going in the water or being outside all the time…

One such activity was going to GI Joe. Early in the week, Ethan and I decided that we were going to see this movie during this week because we rarely get an opportunity at home to get out to the movies. Unfortunately we didn’t end up going until the second to the last night, and that was one of the nights that was actually pretty nice from a weather perspective. Nonetheless, we both enjoyed the movie, Ethan moreso than me as he has, or more specifically had declared it his favorite movie of all time. On the ride back from the movie, Ethan was discussing the finer aspects of movie making and asking my opinion on whether they would make another one. He has pretty much figured out Hollywood already as he basically equates the likelihood of a sequel on the money the original takes in. Hopefully I don’t spoil the ending, but Cobra gets captured by GI Joe (there, I spoiled it). Ethan summed up the potential of future Joe movies by saying this,

“Everybody knows the bad guys are going to get out, and they’re probably going to make a lot of money, so I’m sure they’ll make another one…”

Quin busied himself all week by perfecting several new skills. One of the ones he’s been working on for awhile now is the ability to walk up and down stairs without having to sit down. I’m not sure why he is so intent on doing that, but once he sets his mind on something, he does it and doesn’t stop until he’s satisfied that it is done right. So he entertained himself by walking up and down the camp stairs for what seemed like hours on end. By the end of the week, he could do it without falling or sitting down.

It seems silly to talk about now since he has added so many new words, but the vacation up north seemed to be Quin’s verbal coming out party. Probably because I don’t see him all day, but it seemed to me that Quin learned and used more words on vacation than he’s ever used before. Now, looking back, I think that may have been true, but his latest achievements have far eclipsed those of that week. Let’s see, he was still using “all done” with great success, he had “go-go-go” down pat, and was also starting to attempt to pronounce some more difficult things. For example, one day he got stuck in a lawn chair. He looked at Jenny and said, “guck.” On another day, he picked up a rock and proudly said “cock.”

As I said, many of our activities involved things away from camp, and away from the wind. On a particularly cold day, we found our way to the go-kart track. Ethan was very excited to drive his own go-kart. Unfortunately, when we got there we realized that you had to be 53" tall to drive one yourself - he only measuredin at 52" (thank God!). So Ethan abided and rode tandem with me - I let him drive, and let me tell you, it’s a good thing he didn’t drive himself!!! After the go-karts, he discussed at length the possibility that he might grow an inch in the next 24 hours so he could drive a go-kart tomorrow!!!

In the end, it was a very nice week, despite the weather. We got to see some of the tamest ducks I’ve ever seen, we saw a dog destroy a muskrat Discovery Channel style, and Ethan and I even fished a little bit. In fact, once I found Ethan fishing off the end of the dock by himself with no prodding or bargaining from me at all!!! Now that the kid’s trip is out of the way for the year, it’s time for Jenny and I to start planning the adult’s-only vacation that we so desperately need!!!

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