Vacation 2010 - April 3, Denver

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OK, back to the standard keyboard. Too much to write to try to do it on my little iPhone.

The day started out pretty early this morning. Quin woke up around 5:00 local time, but that was OK with me since I had fallen asleep last night at 8:30 local. Of course, in a single bedroom apartment, once anybody is up, everybody is pretty much up. By 6:30, everybody was done pretending to be asleep anymore and we got up and ready for the day.

Ethan started his waking day by playing Wii Fit with the balance board. It was pretty fun. He ended up the hoola-hoop champion even though I showed him how to do it! Once we were all ready, though, we left the apartment and were off to meet Jason for some breakfast, but not before going first to the mall to check out the line for the Apple iPad launch!

OK, I fall for these things time and time again. I convince myself that I need one of these things as soon as they come out, then I get there and realize that I have no interest in standing in line for a couple of hours while I wait for the privilege of paying them to give me one!!! I did the same thing with the XBox 360 before realizing how dumb I was and waiting a whole week before I got one… Anyway, we were able to manage a Starbucks run out of the whole ordeal. There were many people in line at the Apple Store.

We left the mall and headed out to our breakfast destination, the Village Inn, which is right next to Best Buy. I happened to know that each Best Buy was allotted 15 iPads for launch and I saw only 4 people in line, so I am pretty sure I could have gotten one there, but breakfast beckoned, and I ultimately decided I could wait (again).

Today’s big destination was the Denver Zoo. It’s a pretty nice zoo and will be getting nicer as they complete a huge new project called the Asian Exchange (or something like that). It appears to be a very large project, taking up an entire border of the zoo. Quin and Ethan enjoyed themselves, Quin especially loved the “choo-choo.” Ethan was interested in getting through the Zoo in time to see the movie I had promised him, “How to Train your Dragon.”

After several hours of zoo tourism, we retreated for an afternoon snack at the Bull and Bush Pub and Brewery. This, I believe, marked my first vacation experience of this trip. This is an awesome little English inspired pub that makes their own English style ales and serves them for inexpensive prices. The kids didn’t really go for it, but I really, REALLY enjoyed it. I probably would have stayed there all day if not coaxed out of there by my family.

After a few beers and some appetizers, Jenny, Maylee, and Quin dropped Ethan and I off at the movie theater where we saw “How to Train your Dragon,” while they went shopping somewhere. When done, we went back to Maylee’s apartment for a little dinner and bed.

Tomorrow promises a long day of travel through Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. Should be a hoot. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to post again tomorrow night before I crash. The day following should be fun - we’ll get to see my parents for the first time in 4 months and will get to see the Grand Canyon for the first time (for some).

By the way, pictures for this trip can be seen at the following link:

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