Big Strides

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Quin has learned the fine art of movement. He still doesn’t really “crawl,” necessarily, but he lilts along like an army man. Actually he looks a little like Igor would look if he crawled. Since he’s been in motion, he’s bee quite happy and quite a handful. I don’t remember if Ethan got into as much when he was younger, but Quin really likes to get into everything!

Unfortunately, Quin’s also been sick for the last week or so. He hasn’t really let it get him down, but his stomach has obviously not been feeling well for quite awhile. That part is easy to remember from when Ethan was younger, unfortunately. He hangs in there, though. On the worst day, we had to change his clothes 4 times!

Just when I was approaching what I thought was maximum frustration, Quin pulls out another first and totally disarms me. We were at church on Sunday for Jenny’s nephews baptism. There were several occasions where the parish applauded. Whenever Quin heard it, he clapped as well! I didn’t even know he knew how to clap! At one point during the mass, Quin had fallen asleep and another applause broke out. He woke up and tried to put his hands together to show his appreciation, but was just a little too tired to stay awake long enough…

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