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We just got back from a vacation in our nation’s capital. This post is not about that, however, but I wanted to warn you that an update’s coming about that in the coming days/weeks.

A couple of quick ones, though. First, Ethan has had a couple of milestones in the last few weeks. As a seventh grader, Ethan decided he was going to run for his school’s student council as the vice president. At first he was quite excited as he thought he was running unopposed. In the days after deciding to run, however, he found out that he would have an opponent after all - and worse yet, he was running against an eighth grade girl. Undeterred he crafted a speech and started a social media campaign (OK, I’m exaggerating about the social media campaign, but that would have been cool) and ended up winning the post.

Ethan’s other big accomplishment is that he has finally won the costume contest at his school’s harvest dance. He’s always had a thing for dressing in costumes. Typically he starts planning his Halloween costume on November 1. This year he went as a convincing Napoleon Dynamite and was finally awarded best costume. Personally I didn’t think it was quite as good as his Weird Al costume last year, but he does have many of Napoleon’s tendencies… Just now he asked me for some chapstick because his “lips hurt real bad!”

Lastly, a continuation of the updates on Quin’s obsession with the fairer sex, and yet another indication of how nurture might play a big part in a child’s upbringing (I’m getting in trouble for this one I think). Quin’s main female influence is Jenny, his mom. He also has a good eye for pretty girls. So many times when he sees a pretty girl he says that he wants her to be his mom… We’ve explained that he already has two moms, but he just insists that he’d now like three moms… Anyway, the other night Ethan was watching Saturday Night Live (yes, the bad parenting continues) where Katie Parry was the musical guest. Quin was enamored, staring at the screen for the entire performance. Afterwards when Jenny was putting him to bed he told her that he wanted another mom, a really “beautiful one with big, long boobs.” I have no idea where he might have gotten that, I swear!

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