St. Germain - Day 5

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Still a little cool to start the day, so Quin and I made bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast before we headed out fishing with Tim and Logan Ziegler. The fishing wasn’t all that great, but we did have a close encounter with an eagle. It was pretty awesome, actually. We heard something heavy in the trees, then the eagle flew just above the water not more than about 20 feet from the boat. He skimmed the water across the lake, picked something up, then reversed his path and came right back past us again. He perched up in a tree and ate whatever he picked up in the lake. Thinking back on it I couldn’t help but think about the double rainbow guy on YouTube. I had thoughts of me saying, “An eagle! What does it mean?”

After some lunch, Ethan and I went out on the boat with Matt, Jacob, and Devan on his ski boat and did some tubing. Ethan really enjoyed tubing. We weren’t able to get him outside the wake, unfortunately, but he had a good time anyway.

The rest of the afternoon sort of passed. We did some kayaking, some canoeing, tried to find the eagle again. In all it was pretty uneventful. Right after supper, Quin and the rest of the “gang” started playing in some round tub that somebody had brought up. That was pretty funny watching them get in and roll each other in the bucket. It’s amazing what kids will do when left to explore.

Just remembered the funny quote of the week - I think it was by Jenny last night. She was trying to convince Ethan to take a shower. He was claiming that he was on vacation and didn’t need to take a shower. Jenny told him, “You don’t get a vacation from personal hygiene.”

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