There, I Fixed It

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Quinton has really wanted a remote control airplane for quite some time. Uncle Blaine bought him a remote control helicopter a little over a year ago that he absolutely loved for the entirety of the 10 minutes before he lost it in the trees. Over the years he’s amassed quite the aresnal of cheap, crappy remote control things - cars, trucks, motorcycles - each one cheaper and crappier than the last. So when he continually asked for an airplane, I continually managed to push him off.

Recently, though, his excitement and insistence has increased. So I made a deal with him - if he could be good at school and would let Jenny and I go out one night without getting a call from home, then I would buy him a beginner’s remote control airplane that he’s been scoping out at the local RC store (yeah, they have those out here).

Yesterday I made good on that promise and purchased the airplane. Last night, then, we had to go try it out. So we went to the park around 6:00, just before sunset, and were able to fly it for about 10 minutes before the uncharged battery ran out of juice. It was a blast! On our way to pick everything up, though the thumbstick fell out of the remote control!!! Dangit!!! It wasn’t even Quin’s fault this time, though he was holding it when it happened.

We searched for it for a couple of minutes, but it got too dark, and the field was just too big. It was gone.

No worries - I fixed it! I think they will be selling these this way in short order.

Fixed Remote

Written by Brandon Grady
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