Big Update on Grady Kids

It’s a broken record on this blog, but it’s again been a LONG time since I’ve done anything. There is definitely an ebb and flow to my state of mind that really dictates how much I observe of the world around me, and around the end of the year is a time of reflection for lots of people. So here it goes… This post is going to read mostly as a Quinton post.

The Dead Cat Saga

A couple of weekends ago, Quinton and I, on a whim, went outside to play catch with a baseball. It’s sort of odd that we would do that. Most of Quin’s time at home involves playing XBox, and most of my time involves yelling at Quinton about playing XBox, but on this occassion we both decided to do something a little different. Flash back to earlier that morning, upon waking up I saw that our doorbell camera had gone off a couple of times during the night.


Yesterday, I had to mow my own lawn. Actually I wasn’t even that sad about that - it only takes about an hour to really do a number on my lawn. I do the mowing, of course, along with regular mower maintenance. Then I get the trimmer out and move the infringing grass back off of the cement walkways and what-not. Heck, I even took the time to fertilize. It was all done while I walked, contemplating what had just happened.

Firsts, and a Conversation with Mireille

Quinton started middle school this week. For some reason, middle school scares the hell out of me on behalf of my children. To boot, he’s been actively and heavily lobbying to be moved to the public school from our relatively more comfortable private school middle school situation. Well, he made pretty good arguments, so we relented, so now he has started school at Laredo Public Middle School, right next to where Ethan has spent his last 4 years at Smoky Hill.

Adult Child

Is that a contradiction? I suppose it doesn’t matter - that is what we have now. Ethan, as of last Friday, is considered by this society to be “an adult.” He is now able to drin… Well, he can rent a ca… Hmm… He can be drafted, and he can vote, and if he were to do something bad, he can be punished like the hardened adult criminal that he would undoubtedly be.

Hawaii Vacation 2019 - Day 8

Day 8 - Is it time to go home yet? While we love Hawai’i, we are all ready to go home. We started the day like most others, coffee at the hotel lobby. We then collected the spawn and did some swimming before showering and heading back to Hale’iwa for lunch at “Killer Tacos.” After lunch, we decided to do some more beach stuff. We got some stuff, though not as much as we did yesterday, and headed off on the .

Hawaii Vacation 2019 - Day 7

Day 7 - Submarine Morning Day 7 - this vacation is getting long!!! Still fun stuff to do, and so much that we haven’t even done yet! Today we had an appointment in Waikiki at 10:00 to go on a submarine! The trip there is about 90 minutes with morning traffic, so we left by 8:00 to get down there. We took the standard mid-island route this time which looked much different this time!

Hawaii Vacation 2019 - Day 6

Day 6 - Relax Morning at Turtle Bay Thursday, I think. It’s sometimes hard to keep track on vacation - especially one this long! So we’ll go with Thursday. We didn’t have any excursions planned for this day, but that sort of made Jenny nervous that we would sit around the condo all day and play video games. She was probably correct… That said, we began the morning with some Smash Brothers, as is now becoming a thing.

Hawaii Vacation 2019 - Day 5

Day 5 - Polynesian Cultural Center Morning Well, we are certainly adjusted to the timezone by now. Nobody stirred until well after 6:00 AM, and nobody got out of bed until after 7:00. It seems pretty easy to acclimate to westernbound timezones, at least to a point. I remember the adjustment being very difficult in Manila, but here it’s been a breeze!!! Jenny, Mireille, and I went over to the hotel lobby and got some morning drinks and a croissant while the boys continued sleeping.

Hawaii Vacation 2019 - Day 4

Day 4 - Koalua Ranch Morning Shenanigans The day still started earlyish. Jenny and I were out of bed and walking to the hotel lobby for some “coffee” before 7:00. We then went on a little walk of the grounds to see what we could see. Unfortunately it wasn’t much!!! There are a lot of trails on the property. Good for walking, biking, horse riding, etc. We probably did about 2 miles, but needed to get back to the kids and make sure they weren’t killing each other.