Bathroom Remodel

Our house was built in the 80s, 1982 to be exact. Many, if not most things have not really been touched since then. Sure, fresh paint has been applied to the walls and carpet occasionally replaced, but the “bones” of the house have remained unchanged for the last 35 years. That changed immediately when we moved in almost 2 years ago. It started with windows, moved to the kitchen (which is still awesome, btw), moved on to doors, and now has passed to the biggest thorn remaining on the first floor, the bathroom.


As is typical now a days, I find myself delinquent in my posting. I blame my new job. Nothing more. Oh, and having three kids is hard. Not sure I’ve mentioned that. Still, they keep us on our toes, and I occasionally remember to write some of the remarkable things down that they do. The following is a small collection of the things I’ve remembered. Mireille …on language… Mireille’s pronoun usage continues to improve, though her favorite pronoun continues to be “him.

2016 - The Year in Review - First Trimester

I can remember one year when we did the traditional “Holiday Letter.” It was the year that we were in the process of trying to adopt Quinton, so we were “marketing ourselves” to our family and friends that year. Looking back, it was a fun letter to do, even if it was not necessary from the salesman side of house. I thought it would be fun to condense 2016 into a bit of a letter to our family (thank you both of my readers) and so that future versions of ourselves might enjoy reading it as well.

Mireille's English - now with Pronouns!!!

Mireille has been in the US for right around 8 months now, and she still has yet to stop amazing me with how quickly she is adjusting. It’s not only just the English, though that is remarkable, but everything else as well. I don’t think I can really explain it better than I can show it with the picture below which I believe encapsulates the completeness of Mireille’s Westernization. Westernized Mireille Beyond device usage and creature comforts, Mireille continues to pickup English at an alarming rate.

The First Snow of the Year

Last week it snowed in Denver for the first time this season. It’s a mixed bag out here for snow. People don’t really care for it in the city, like most places, but love when it happens in the mountains, where it is supposed to be. My kids certainly love it, at least the first snow. Mireille has been saying “snow’s coming?” since about August when Jenny showed her some snow boots she could wear.

A Bloggable Offense

Quinton loves his iPad, and he loves video games. Those are his leisure time activities, which is a funny thing to say, leisure time for an 8 year old! What he really loves to do is to enjoy both of them at the same time, which is something we try to limit for various reasons. It also presents itself as an opportunity for us when dolling out discipline. Last week, Quinton had some egregious issue for which he had to be punished.

October 2016 - Big Update!

It’s October! October has been a busy month, but what month hasn’t been, really. So it’s been awhile since there’s been an update of much substance. So, while my family answers the door to greet and treat Halloween visitors in full costume, I thought I would take a few minutes (or 60) and update the world on the goings on in the Grady Household. Adoption - Complete I don’t have to restate how much work and waiting it’s been to complete this, our second adoption.

Mireille the Magician

Quick one today. I need to document this, because it cracks me up. Lately Mireille has been doing magic tricks. Yes, you read that correctly - my four year old knows how to do magic tricks. Well, she knows a single trick, but she’s OK at it, and is working at it and trying to perfect it. What she does is she takes an item and puts it in her hand.

Quick Updates

After five days of adult vacation in New Orleans, Jenny and I were happy to be back with our kids, and probably a bit surprised that five days wasn’t quite enough to really decompress! Things went back to normal very quickly. Mirielle gas been constantly about three things - now, trick or treating, and the party that she was going to yesterday. The snow things is pretty funny. I seem to remember her not liking it very much when it showed up last spring, but just about every day she will ask us, very seriously, “snow coming?

Mireille's Birthday!

Mireille on her Fourth Birthday Our little girl turned four!!! This was a pretty special birthday for us. It’s the first one we got to celebrate with her! We have sent her gifts for each birthday in the Congo, but I’m pretty sure she hated all of those gifts. It was a weird thing - it’s very expensive to send stuff to the Congo, so we would just send one of our agency’s lawyers money and ask them to purchase something local for her.