Christmas with the Tibbetts

We live in Colorado. Our families, by and large, still dwell in places throughout the Midwest. Year after year this generates some degree of conflict, particularly when it comes time for celebrating the holidays. For this holiday season, we celebrated Grady Christmas on the ever traditional weekend of the first weekend of November. For the Tibbett holiday celebration, then, we coordinated an early January celebration. Actually, it was planned to coincide with my 45th birthday, because who wouldn’t want to travel to the frigid midwest to stay in remote, rural Wisconsin with his in-laws on their 45th birthday!

Elf on the Shelf

There are many traditions that I’ve learned of since leaving the nest that my family was either ignorant to or just didn’t celebrate. One happened this morning, and has for the last 21 years of my marriage, yet I still forget to celebrate it - St. Nicholas’s Day. Jenny celebrated it year after year, yet I did not, so even though I’ve now been in my adult life much longer than I was ever in my parents’ home, I still forget…

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving is literally my favorite holiday. I just love getting together with family and friends, cooking a delicious meal, eating said meal, just hanging out and napping with people. I think even more than Christmas, it is the most relaxing holiday out there! This year, having already done the “Grady Christmas” several weeks earlier, our plan was to stay put for Thanksgiving. Luckily there are others in the greater Denver metropolitan area that are also too far away to spend the day with family, so they became our extended family for Thanksgiving.

The Epic of the Flex

If you are familiar with our family, you know that we don’t really place a high value on vehicles. Basically whatever can get us from point A to point B reliably and without a whole lot of money in maintenance will do. In our particular family, we now have three vehicles, two Chevy Malibu’s that have a combined age approaching 30 years, and a “new” Ford Flex that is only 3 years old, but is approaching 100,000 miles itself.

Suburban Archeologist

Not an interesting update for those that are looking for news on my adorable and smart children, but something I’m documenting for posterity, and for my own purposes. We do quite a lot of home improvement. I’ve always been the type that likes to try something on my own before calling a professional in to do it correctly and quickly. Last weekend, a couple of long running “curiosity” type projects finally had some major movement, which, since I’m kind of a dork, made me pretty excited!

A perfect parent's weekend...

This was a couple of weeks ago now, so it’s not as fresh in my mind as it was when it happened, but the event was important enough that I think it warrants documentation. You see, this was Mireille’s fifth birthday, her second in the United States. For the weeks leading up to September 9, Mireille has been asking on a regular basis about her birthday party. She really wanted to have a party, with a bounce castle, and a cake, and presents!

Mireille Funnies

Jenny was talking to Mireille on Sunday about things that girls talk about. I wasn’t privvy to the details of the entire conversation, because that wouldn’t be appropriate - I’m a boy. One little nugget Jenny shared with me was when Mireille admitted to her, “I wish I was a unicorn. But I’m just Mireille…” Then, yesterday, our little Unicorn proved she listens and absorbs way more than she ever lets on.

Colorado Adventure Series - Snow Mountain Ranch Day 4

Day 4 Today started out much the same as the last. I got up “early” and headed out for a quick run around the campus. The main difference today was that Ethan decided he would come with me! He’s training for soccer and was supposed to run 5 miles over the weekend. He decided that 3.2 at 9000 feet was a rough equivalent of 5 at 5280, which I’m inclined to agree with.

Colorado Adventure Series - Snow Mountain Ranch Day 3

Day 3 Day three started out later than day 2. With nothing really pushing us out of bed, the room slept in. I got up “early” around 7:00 or so and circumnavigated the property on a “run” of sorts. Not sure you can really call it a run. Jogging occured, but a lot of walking also occurred. It was very brisk to start the day, at only 36 degF, and a bit of fog made it a little spooky, but it was good to get out and about and get the blood pumping earlyish.

Colorado Adventure Series - Snow Mountain Ranch Day 2

Day 2 Our first full day of vacation! Today is exciting because it will be most of our first time whitewater rafting. We were to be in Kremmling, about 45 miles away, by 8:30 for our half day whitewater rafting adventure. So we set an alarm for 6:30, which was fine with everybody considering we were all in bed early the night before, got dressed, had breakfast at the cafeteria, and headed west on 40 to the bustling metropolis of Kremmling via Granby.