Mireille the Magician

Quick one today. I need to document this, because it cracks me up. Lately Mireille has been doing magic tricks. Yes, you read that correctly - my four year old knows how to do magic tricks. Well, she knows a single trick, but she’s OK at it, and is working at it and trying to perfect it. What she does is she takes an item and puts it in her hand.

Quick Updates

After five days of adult vacation in New Orleans, Jenny and I were happy to be back with our kids, and probably a bit surprised that five days wasn’t quite enough to really decompress! Things went back to normal very quickly. Mirielle gas been constantly about three things - now, trick or treating, and the party that she was going to yesterday. The snow things is pretty funny. I seem to remember her not liking it very much when it showed up last spring, but just about every day she will ask us, very seriously, “snow coming?

Mireille's Birthday!

Mireille on her Fourth Birthday Our little girl turned four!!! This was a pretty special birthday for us. It’s the first one we got to celebrate with her! We have sent her gifts for each birthday in the Congo, but I’m pretty sure she hated all of those gifts. It was a weird thing - it’s very expensive to send stuff to the Congo, so we would just send one of our agency’s lawyers money and ask them to purchase something local for her.

Colorado Adventure Series - Crested Butte

A couple of weeks ago, friends of ours from Wisconsin contacted us and asked if we wanted to spend some time with them in Crested Butte. They have a condo there that they were going to be visiting, and we decided it would be fun to check it out. I have to say, I’m glad we did. Crested Butte is quite a long drive from our home. At about 4.5 hours, it’s by far the furthest we’ve traveled for this summer’s adventures, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check it out.

New Theme!!!

You may have noticed something new when you browsed here today. No, I didn’t adopt another kid… I didn’t have to shovel 12 inches of snow… It’s a new theme for the website! I’m sure you are as excited as I am about the change… Doesn’t matter - this is my blog, and I can put whatever I want here. This theme is awhile in the making. I’ve been doing web development for probably 17 years (well, I’ve been pretending to do it for that long - much of that time has been dedicated to managing web developers, but let’s not split hairs), and in the time I’ve been doing it, it has changed mightily.

More English

I was amused by these so I had to post them. Mireille is learning English really quickly. Not all is worthy of recording as most is mundane, but there are a few… She loves to eat! And she loves to try new food - but she doesn’t always like the food that she’s trying. When she happens to try something that she doesn’t like she says “I like this uh-uh.”

Family Hikes

Last summer when we moved to CO, we weren’t very busy initially, so we took the opportunity to explore our great new state. This summer, after track has ended and we’ve buttoned up most of our backlog of home improvements, we have decided to do the same thing. Two weekends ago we went to Frisco for the weekend with Maylee and Steve. While there we stayed at a hotel, did a little shopping, visited three breweries (yeah), but the main event was a 20 mile bike ride, 10 miles each way between Frisco and Breckenridge.

Ethan Driving Lessons

It’s fun having somebody to drive you around, I’m finding. Since getting his permit, Ethan has logged a little over 5 hours of driving of the 50 that he needs to log by June next year in order to obtain his driver’s license. When he started driving, and after seeing the number of hours he would have to drive, I told him that there were over 300 breweries in Colorado, and the way he was going to learn how to drive was to take me to as many of them as he could… Last night he told me that it was time to drive, and that I should grab my Pub Pass and we would stop for a beer somewhere.

Quinton's Last Track Meet

Quinton joined the Aurora Recreational Track Team this summer. We were excited about this particular activity because it would be something Quinton couldn’t just partially do. We find that, often times during soccer or basketball, Quinton is perfectly content to move at about half pace. He is bigger and faster than most of the kids he plays against in those sports, so if he plays about half way, he can still be competitive but not sweat too much.

More English with Mireille

It’s been nearly 5 months now, and Mireille has really amped up her mastery of the English language. We recently went on vacation with the whole family to Wisconsin, so I had the opportunity to spend a lot of focused time with her. As the week went on, I started to see how she is systematically adding new words to her vocabulary all the time. First, she will point at something and ask you what it is (she says “Ques at?