Mireille the Investigator

I couldn’t find my toothbrush this morning. That may not sound that strange, but I have one of those big Sonicare toothbrushes that would seem very difficult to lose. In fact, where my toothbrush was supposed to be, Jenny’s had taken its place, a similar Sonicare but different color. I had no idea where it could be. Initially I blamed Jenny for hiding it on me. She came home angry last night for reasons unknown, and was argumentative.

Mireille the Observer

Mireille is far and away the most observant of our children. Ethan’s not bad - far better than myself. Quinton, well, he and I are about in the same boat, and it’s not a good boat. Mireille will notice just about anything, even if it seems inconsequential. For example, Jenny occasionally colors her hair, but in a subtle way such that color blind me will not notice. Mireille does, though. The other day, Jenny swapped out the pulls on our dressers in our room, and the first thing Mireille said when she walked in the room was “when did you get new ones of these?

Miscellaneous Catching Up

It’s been awhile on a couple of these, so I figured I should jot them down before time erodes them from my memory. This first story has been getting good traction in my friend and colleague circles. Before I can tell the story, I need to tee it up a little bit. Quinton is obviously a black male being raised among “the whites.” From time to time that causes some conflict in him.

San Francisco - 2018 - Day 6

Flying home is tough, but today was tougher than normal since our flight wasn’t until 8:30. I think I would almost prefer a midday flight. We theoretically had enough time to do some stuff, but we managed to accomplish all that we had set out to do in the prior 5 days. So it was going to be awkward. As I sit here, we were 3 hours early for our 8:30 PM flight to Denver, but it has been delayed by an hour, so we will be sitting here for some time!

San Francisco - 2018 - Day 5

Our penultimate day of vacation started out early-ish. Of course, we got out to Starbucks and had some donut holes from our new favorite donut shop in California, the creatively named “Jelly Donut,” where I can’t say I ever saw a jelly donut there… I was a little nervous to be going to the wharf today because it was a weekend, so tourist traffic would be high. Our ultimate goal was to get to our whale watching tour by 3:00 which took off at the wharf, and the website gave instructions to places where you could park inexpensively for $50 a day.

San Francisco - 2018 - Day 4

Day 4 - I finally was able to get up in time to hit the road for a run. While I’m quite out of shape, I was still able to cut 25 seconds per mile off of my new-normal running speed while in the oxygen rich California air! Almost enough to get me to go out and do it again on this trip… Almost… Much like yesterday, today was about doing the things that Jenny and I had planned on doing on our last trip but were prevented from doing due to the wildfires in Wine Country.

San Francisco - 2018 - Day 3

Friday was all about Muir Woods. Jenny and I had planned to visit here when we came to the area last September but weren’t able to make it due to the wildfires at the time. We were lucky to have seen a sign that warned visitors that they needed a parking reservation prior to visiting. We had secured a noon parking reservation for the day, but we were a little early.

San Francisco - 2018 - Day 2

After some much needed sleep, we woke up fairly early-ish and took in the world famous Embassy Suites complimentary breakfast! Well, most of us did. Despite getting up in time, Ethan decided not to partake. The first order of business, feed the addiction, off to the local Starbucks. Once that was out of the way, we were free to head downtown for a day in the city. Our first stop was Fisherman’s Wharf.

San Francisco - 2018 - Day 1

I’ve been traveling WAY too much lately. After a brief trip to Jacksonville, the boys and I went into the mountains last weekend, then I boarded a plane to Chicago on Monday only to return on Tuesday in anticipation of an early Wednesday departure to San Francisco. I’m happy I’m not sick!!! Can’t say the same for Quinton, however. Jenny called me on Monday evening to inform me that Quinton had been throwing up all day and into the evening.

2018 Boy's Trip - Day 2

Day 2 We started the day slowly, as any good boy’s trip would. Since we didn’t go to bed until later, we slept in until after 8:00. I sort of wanted to get going, so I got up and started cooking half of our 2 pounds of bacon and a dozen eggs. The smell was enough to wake Ethan up by 8:30, mainly because the apartment was so full of smoke that I think he started suffocating.