Quin Said a Bad Word

It’s graduation week. I have a longer, more sentimental post that I’m working through, but I had to jot this one down quickly before it was lost to history. Since it is graduation week, we have family that have started arriving to help Ethan celebrate and to help remind us how old we are. Last night, my parents, Ethan and his girlfriend Rachel, and Jenny and I were sitting around the table just talking about different things.

Teeth, Hoops, and Firsts

Mireille finally lost that first tooth! It was a few weeks ago, now. She was walking around the kitchen, and I asked her, like I had been every day for quite a few weeks, how her teeth were doing. Her two front teeth on the bottom were coming in behind the baby teeth. On that fateful night, one of them was finally loose enough that I felt confident enough to give it a little tug and evict it from its spot that the other tooth so badly wanted.

Big Man on Campus - a tall tale by Quinton

Quinton had an assignment to write a tall tale. Coincidental with getting the assignment, Quin had learned about a competition that his cousin, Graham, had recently done with his uncle, Bruce. For those that don’t know them, Graham is a 10 year old, not particularly big, and Bruce, his uncle, is about 5’ 2” and weighs probably about 130 pounds. Anyway, Graham challenged uncle Bruce to a plank challenge. Bruce was able to plank for 5 minutes, but Graham was able to do it for 30 minutes!

Catching up to 2019

A new year… It went and happened again, and again I find myself in the position of having a resolution of writing more. It seems a yearly concern, but here goes the latest attempt. 2018 was very kind to the Grady’s. Ethan wrecked a couple of cars, but has now had his latest one for over 6 months without incident (knock on wood). Brandon got a new (to me) car in the form of a 2017 Chevy Malibu - yeah, I can’t seem to break that mold.


We added a new family member this weekend. Zaz and Quinton Say hello to “Zazu,” or “Zaz” as Quinton likes to call him. Quinton has really wanted a pet of his own for awhile now. He has been trying to get us to get another dog and for me to leave the dog alone so I wouldn’t be the “alpha male” to this one like I am to Heinz.


The Trip Moab. Or as Mireille would pronounce it, Mo-Ab. Small city of 5000 some people in Southeast Utah, the land of Mormons, backwards liquor laws, and some spectacular natural landscapes. Since we’ve moved to the west we’ve always looked for a reason to get out here to take in these sights. Thanks to some early travel by Mom and Pop Grady, having come through Denver the weekend prior for Thanksgiving day festivities, we finally had our opportunity to check it out over the Thanksgiving day weekend, figuring it wouldn’t be quite as busy or quite as hot as it would in the peak months.

Mireille the Investigator

I couldn’t find my toothbrush this morning. That may not sound that strange, but I have one of those big Sonicare toothbrushes that would seem very difficult to lose. In fact, where my toothbrush was supposed to be, Jenny’s had taken its place, a similar Sonicare but different color. I had no idea where it could be. Initially I blamed Jenny for hiding it on me. She came home angry last night for reasons unknown, and was argumentative.

Mireille the Observer

Mireille is far and away the most observant of our children. Ethan’s not bad - far better than myself. Quinton, well, he and I are about in the same boat, and it’s not a good boat. Mireille will notice just about anything, even if it seems inconsequential. For example, Jenny occasionally colors her hair, but in a subtle way such that color blind me will not notice. Mireille does, though. The other day, Jenny swapped out the pulls on our dressers in our room, and the first thing Mireille said when she walked in the room was “when did you get new ones of these?

Miscellaneous Catching Up

It’s been awhile on a couple of these, so I figured I should jot them down before time erodes them from my memory. This first story has been getting good traction in my friend and colleague circles. Before I can tell the story, I need to tee it up a little bit. Quinton is obviously a black male being raised among “the whites.” From time to time that causes some conflict in him.

San Francisco - 2018 - Day 6

Flying home is tough, but today was tougher than normal since our flight wasn’t until 8:30. I think I would almost prefer a midday flight. We theoretically had enough time to do some stuff, but we managed to accomplish all that we had set out to do in the prior 5 days. So it was going to be awkward. As I sit here, we were 3 hours early for our 8:30 PM flight to Denver, but it has been delayed by an hour, so we will be sitting here for some time!