Old Blog Reclaimed!

I have a small project going on right now. I’ve downloaded my old blog from Blogspot and have started persisting it here, in a more controlled fashion - everything all in one place! Since I had over 180 posts on that blog, it will take some time to reclaim all of the old posts and reformat them to properly work here, but the work has begun. It is tedious work, involving some level of digital archaeology, but I think it is worthwhile and will make this blog much more portable in the future.

Spring Break 2018 - Day Three

Taos Our third day was dedicated to Taos. Having slept in a little, but not quite as much as the prior day, we had a little extra time to do some swimming in hopes of getting away from the crowds in the pool. We weren’t successful in avoiding crowds, but we did get about 45 minutes of swimming in before we left the hotel. Mireille, Quinton, and I played some hide and seek (it’s more fun than you would think).

Spring Break 2018 - Day Two

Los Alamos Thank goodness, today started out MUCH later than the prior one. Nobody really stirred until 9:00, giving Mireille a much needed 13 hours, and Quinton an even more needed 11.5. Of course, I was also happy to finally get 10 myself, though I was up several times in the night for the “old man pee.” While we all got ready, Jenny and Mireille went to get some coffee at the very convenient on presmises Starbucks in the lobby.

Spring Break 2018 - Day One

AM As we suspected, and as is typical, we were up way too early. Mireille woke up around 7:00 the first time, Quinton followed about 7:30. While Mireille was able to fall back to sleep for a bit, Quinton was screaming for food by 8:00, so we were up! We left Ethan to sleep while the rest of us went down to one of the dozen or so restaurants the hotel had to offer for a nice buffet breakfast.

Spring Break 2018 - The Drive

“Are we going to the hotel tonight?” This is the question repeated at least nightly for the last two weeks by our youngest, Mireille. For some reason she just loves hotels! I think it has something to do with the swimming pools. Perhaps she just likes to travel! At any rate, it had been a constant anthem for the last several weeks - “are we going to the hotel?”

Honor Roll

Last Wednesday, I was able to witness the St. Pius X 2nd Trimester Honor Roll ceremony, and my favorite middle child was among the honorees. Quinton achieved all A- or better in the last trimester. In fact, he got all A’s with the exception of one A- which he got in Art. Congratulations, Quinton!!! Quinton and the Gold Honor Roll Oh, and just because she is adorable, here is a picture of Mireille in her new soccer uniform.

New Website

I know, it doesn’t look any different. That’s sort of the beauty of this story. I’m going to warn you, if you normally come here for my amusing anecdotes about my kids, or perhaps to be regaled about my home improvement exploits, this story will probably seem somewhat dull. However, I owe this entry to the greater technological community, as there might be somebody, somewhere, that thinks even a little bit like me and are trying to do something similar to what I’m trying to do.

The Next Renovation

It’s been awhile since we’ve done any major remodeling work to our house (yeah, right!), so it was time for us to embark on our next gigantic project. The thought was that we would do both upstairs bathrooms at more or less the same time. The kid’s bathroom was supposed to be “easy” since I was going to leave the shower pretty much alone, just update the fixtures and the shower head, but concentrate mostly on the floor, toilet, and vanity.

Christmas with the Tibbetts

We live in Colorado. Our families, by and large, still dwell in places throughout the Midwest. Year after year this generates some degree of conflict, particularly when it comes time for celebrating the holidays. For this holiday season, we celebrated Grady Christmas on the ever traditional weekend of the first weekend of November. For the Tibbett holiday celebration, then, we coordinated an early January celebration. Actually, it was planned to coincide with my 45th birthday, because who wouldn’t want to travel to the frigid midwest to stay in remote, rural Wisconsin with his in-laws on their 45th birthday!

Elf on the Shelf

There are many traditions that I’ve learned of since leaving the nest that my family was either ignorant to or just didn’t celebrate. One happened this morning, and has for the last 21 years of my marriage, yet I still forget to celebrate it - St. Nicholas’s Day. Jenny celebrated it year after year, yet I did not, so even though I’ve now been in my adult life much longer than I was ever in my parents’ home, I still forget…