The Weakest Part of Every System...

In the movies it is popular to portray computer hackers as these happy-go-lucky nerds who are mainly interested in whether they can do something rather than whether than should do something. In the movies they typically get in over their head, or go up against a rival hacker gang and… get in over their head. In the real world, it’s hard to say that computer hackers are the same as the way they are portraid in the movies - at least the movies I remember.

COVID Rituals

I started this post almost a month ago, that’s how things are going! Life in COVID remains largely the same, but is starting to feel “normal” in a lot of ways. Certainly there are things that we’d like to do, like go to the movies, or sit in a coffee shop, or have the whole family go to a basketball game, but in some ways, things are probably better. One thing we have been doing all along with varying degrees of success and consistentcy is to create new rituals to make things a little better.

College - Year 2

Ahh, COVID. I guess life goes on, or we try to do so, anyway. Ethan, after spending the last 5+ months at home (bonus Ethan time for us!) has now completed his transfer to Colorado State University and we have moved him into his dwelling for the upcoming school year! Even though this is Ethan’s second year of school, this year seemed almost worse in some ways than moving him in last year.

Mary the Tooth Fairy

Parenting can be hard, obviously. And sometimes we (read I) don’t really live up to the challenge. I’m hoping this has happened to others… The last time Mireille lost a tooth was in January. For Mireille, losing a tooth is a somewhat difficult exercise. For some reason, her teeth are very stubborn, and new teeth come up all over the place and don’t always displace the tooth they are supposed to replace!

Mireille's Channel - Peace Out!

For the vast majority of this blog’s audience (Hi mom and dad!), you probably don’t know much about the Youtube generation and what types of things go on here. I can’t say I know much more outside of what I observe from my children as they are interacting with these sites, but let me try to explain. In today’s day and age, being a “Youtuber” is an actual profession that people aspire towards.

Mireille, the runner and COVID haircuts

And it continues… I believe we are about 8 weeks in to this new reality now. Funny how initially I had all these ideas of things I would do “every day” during this situation. I was going to blog every day, that seemed like a funny and interesting idea. I was also going to draw something every day, which was fun for awhile, and I’ve continued it on a far less frequent basis, but I’m definitely not doing anything on a daily basis other than just living.

Sex... Explained...

Over the past several nights, in the midst of our Corona Quarantine, Quinton and I have started watching the show Locke and Key on Netflix together. It’s a nice time for the two of us to hang out, watch a pretty well done, suspenseful show together, and have some interesting banter and conversation as a matter of course. Last night, the episode was a little shorter than normal, and to be honest, our sleeping routines are starting to trend later on either end of the sleep equation, so after our episode was done, the next thing Netflix recommended for me to watch was a show called Sex Explained.

COVID Reality - Day 2-9

COVID Reality Day 6 was the Grady’s breaking point. There was widespread dissent in the ranks, and those that are supposed to be even and get us through all this were SUPER crabby. Mireille had a big tantrum the likes that I haven’t seen in quite awhile, Quinton managed to squeek out some tears at some point, Ethan is cooped up and wants to see his friends and his girlfriend, and Jenny and I were basically not on speaking terms with one another most of the day.

COVID Reality - Day 1

Today is the first day of what I’m calling “COVID Reality.” In Colorado, while we aren’t ordered to “shelter in place,” anything that would be worthwhile leaving the house for has been closed down, most notably all sporting events, theaters, churches, restaurants, breweries, and bars. Oh, and schools. These closures are setup right now for 4 weeks. We’ll see how long it actually ends up being (I doubt shorter than 4 weeks).

Spring Break - COVID-19 Edition - Chapter 4 - Home

We’re cutting our vacation short! Today was originally supposed to be the day we took a trip on the narrow gauge railroad, but alas, they canceled their trips starting today. We were then going to go up to Telluride to take in the scenery there as well as do some snowmobiling, but threats of weather in the mountains and continued restaurant closures convinced us otherwise. As I write this, the county in which Telluride resides has just issued a “Shelter In Place” order, which is even more reason to be happy we didn’t end up there this morning!