Logitech K810 Reset

I have been using the same external keyboard for my last three Macs, an excellent little Bluetooth keyboard from Logitech called the Logitech K810. It’s meant to be a keyboard for a Windows machine, but it works perfectly well for my Mac as well as my various iDevices. This morning when I came in to start working for the day, I found the keyboard had lost its mind! None of the keys worked properly.

New Driver Out There

As of Monday, June 26, the world has a new driver. Ethan passed his driver’s test last Friday and made it official with the DMV (and our insurance agent) on Monday. It was actually a nice thing today. It’s Bike to Work day here in Denver, so I rode my bike in. About 2 miles from home, one of my tires popped, and I didn’t have a repair kit with me.

Summer is here!

Summer is finally upon us. Last week was a full week without school, except for Mireille, but that’s daycare - even though she calls it school. The temperatures as of last Thursday definitely represented a shift into the ungodly hot area, though in Denver, if you can find shade, you are in good shape since the humidity is very comfortable. As a family we are definitely settling in more and more as the years have gone by.

Mireille's English Progression

It’s been over a year, and Mireille continues to grow and develop. Outside of some difficulties in identifying colors (something I can’t really fault her here) and a current disinterest in letters or numbers, she’s developing quite on par with what I would expect. She does continue to have some interesting phrases, usages, and interactions from time to time that merit documentation. Recently she has started using a phrase whenever people do something that she really doesn’t understand.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to my kids’ mom, and of course my wife, who luckily happen to be the same person! This year we celebrated by going to a brunch at one of our favorite places, Bull and Bush Brewpub! It’s a difficult thing to get all of our kids both out of the house and behaving in a public place, but for the most part they held it together through brunch.

Bathroom Remodel

Our house was built in the 80s, 1982 to be exact. Many, if not most things have not really been touched since then. Sure, fresh paint has been applied to the walls and carpet occasionally replaced, but the “bones” of the house have remained unchanged for the last 35 years. That changed immediately when we moved in almost 2 years ago. It started with windows, moved to the kitchen (which is still awesome, btw), moved on to doors, and now has passed to the biggest thorn remaining on the first floor, the bathroom.


As is typical now a days, I find myself delinquent in my posting. I blame my new job. Nothing more. Oh, and having three kids is hard. Not sure I’ve mentioned that. Still, they keep us on our toes, and I occasionally remember to write some of the remarkable things down that they do. The following is a small collection of the things I’ve remembered. Mireille …on language… Mireille’s pronoun usage continues to improve, though her favorite pronoun continues to be “him.

2016 - The Year in Review - First Trimester

I can remember one year when we did the traditional “Holiday Letter.” It was the year that we were in the process of trying to adopt Quinton, so we were “marketing ourselves” to our family and friends that year. Looking back, it was a fun letter to do, even if it was not necessary from the salesman side of house. I thought it would be fun to condense 2016 into a bit of a letter to our family (thank you both of my readers) and so that future versions of ourselves might enjoy reading it as well.

Mireille's English - now with Pronouns!!!

Mireille has been in the US for right around 8 months now, and she still has yet to stop amazing me with how quickly she is adjusting. It’s not only just the English, though that is remarkable, but everything else as well. I don’t think I can really explain it better than I can show it with the picture below which I believe encapsulates the completeness of Mireille’s Westernization. Westernized Mireille Beyond device usage and creature comforts, Mireille continues to pickup English at an alarming rate.

The First Snow of the Year

Last week it snowed in Denver for the first time this season. It’s a mixed bag out here for snow. People don’t really care for it in the city, like most places, but love when it happens in the mountains, where it is supposed to be. My kids certainly love it, at least the first snow. Mireille has been saying “snow’s coming?” since about August when Jenny showed her some snow boots she could wear.