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We are first year Coloradoans, so we are behaving like them. We purchased season ski passes, even though it is next to impossible to get into the mountains due to all the traffic. We are in the process of upgrading all of our equipment because no Coloradoan would be caught dead with the 10 year old skis that we have!

Since we are planning on going to the mountains for our first trip over Thanksgiving, we needed to get some equipment for Quinton and Ethan. Luckily, they bend over backwards in Colroado to hook your kids on the whole mountain experience. So they have all sorts of deals on equipment. For Quinton, who wants to snowboard, it costs $109 to purchase a bunch of used stuff for the year, then you can sell it back to them next season for $55 and put that towards a new setup. Great theory.

Unfortunately, Quinton is a little too big for his age. He needed a size 6 boot, and they didn’t have any of those in the used section. So they got him some new boots, and discounted the board. It was going to be a bit more, like $140, but still pretty reasonable. Unfortunately, again, they didn’t have any bindings for the combination that he was getting. So they were going to give us the snowboard and discount the boots and bindings to bring it to $185. Well, if we were going to spend that anyway, why not just spend an extra $15 and get all new stuff. So - long story, well, long - that’s what we did.

Quins first snowboard

This all came at the end of a two day period where Quinton and I had some major bonding time. Last night we spent the evening bowling and playing air hockey. Tonight, Ethan and Jenny went to see Spectre, so Quinton and I were on our own again. After some supper at Sonic, we went to Colorado Ski and Golf to get setup. After about an hour there, board and boots in hand, we went to see if we could play some video games at a local bowling alley (Quin is now addicted).

On the way to the bowling alley, I noticed there was a Hooters across the street and told Quin that I think we should have eaten there. He asked why, and I told him because the waitresses wore “very little clothes.” He responded, confused, “Why, are they munchkins?"

All in all it was a nice evening. We played some Halo at home while we “partied” and drank root beer while we waited for Spectre to be over. After we picked Jenny and Ethan up, we huddled around the iPad to watch Iowa defeat Minnesota to go 10-0 for the first time in school history, so that was fun. Now I sit here thinking back on it all and smiling.

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