Quinton the Actor

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For some reason, Quinton has decided lately that he wants to be an actor. He feels he could be rich, and feels that he’s every bit as good as the people he’s seen on TV and movies.

Yesterday on our trip back from Colorado Springs where we were watching soccer, Quinton was going into great detail about what would happen when he’s an actor. First I told him that he’d probably need to hire an agent. He said fine, but when I told him that he’d have to pay one, he changed his mind. Eventually he decided that he could just have me be his agent. I’m sure he figures I have great Hollywood connections and would make a great agent. Of course, he wouldn’t have to pay me… When confronted with the fact that I would still need to pay for things, he came up with some clever thoughts. I could live with him, for one thing. Jenny and Mireille would still live in our house, but he and I would live in his mansion. Then we could have a Mustang to drive around in since we wouldn’t have anybody else to drive around, and he doesn’t intend to have a girlfriend or anything. He did say we could get a truck - you know, for long trips…

When I asked him how I would just buy things that I need or want, he had an answer with that as well. He said I could buy things. As long as I didn’t spend money stupidly, like buying a fan when we already had ceiling fans!!!

Written by Brandon Grady
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