Mireille's English - now with Pronouns!!!

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Mireille has been in the US for right around 8 months now, and she still has yet to stop amazing me with how quickly she is adjusting. It’s not only just the English, though that is remarkable, but everything else as well. I don’t think I can really explain it better than I can show it with the picture below which I believe encapsulates the completeness of Mireille’s Westernization.

Westernized Mireille

Beyond device usage and creature comforts, Mireille continues to pickup English at an alarming rate. She’s been playing around with pronouns lately. The other day, while in the same bathroom as is shown in the above picture, she said to me, “Ethan’s too big for this bathroom.” I prodded her to ask her why she thought he was too big, and she responded, “him’s butt’s too big.” Him is pretty much the pronoun for any person that is not herself. She still rarely uses “I” or “my” but instead opts for speaking of herself in the third person, but she has started referring to others in the shorthand “him,” so that’s progress!

Lastly, though this doesn’t match the title or theme of the post, I had to post about another phase, or at least I hope it is a phase. Mireille loves to talk about and to shake her booty. She literally shakes it all the time, and frequently just attaches the word “booty” to the end of random sentences. Like she will say, “when are we having supper, booty?” The other day she had me in stitches, though, when I was working in the garage on one of the various home improvement projects I’m performing. When she came out, I told her that she didn’t need to be there and that she wouldn’t be any help to me whatsoever. She replied to me, “but I can shake my booty!” And then proceeded to do just that…

Written by Brandon Grady
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