Mireille's English Progression

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It’s been over a year, and Mireille continues to grow and develop. Outside of some difficulties in identifying colors (something I can’t really fault her here) and a current disinterest in letters or numbers, she’s developing quite on par with what I would expect. She does continue to have some interesting phrases, usages, and interactions from time to time that merit documentation.

Recently she has started using a phrase whenever people do something that she really doesn’t understand. Not that she doesn’t understand what they are saying or doing, but doesn’t understand why a person would do that in the first place! As you can imagine, this is something that happens a lot with her American family, particularly her dense father and brothers. The phrase she attributes to this is, “What your problem is?” The look on her face is impossible to properly document, but it’s pretty hilarious any time she does it - funny enough that it hasn’t started bothering me quite yet.

A few weeks ago, we were having a conversation with Quinton and his aspirations in government someday. During the conversation we talked about how Quinton could run for president, but that Mireille could not “run for president.” She looked confused for a second, then responded, “I can run fast!” Despite that limitation, Jenny told her that she could be a Supreme Court Justice someday and that we need more good ones of those. To that, Mireille responded, “I want to be Superman…” She definitely knows what she wants.

Lastly, I had to document something Mireille has been doing quite often now that the weather has warmed up some. We will frequently have squirrels in our backyard that run around and up trees. Whenever Mireille sees this, she shouts, “Square!” She then beckons the dog to the back door so she can let him out to chase the squirrel up the tree. Yes, they are working together, and I fear that one day they will succeed and we will have a dead squirrel on our hands (or a new pet, I suppose).

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