Mireille Funnies

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Jenny was talking to Mireille on Sunday about things that girls talk about. I wasn’t privvy to the details of the entire conversation, because that wouldn’t be appropriate - I’m a boy. One little nugget Jenny shared with me was when Mireille admitted to her, “I wish I was a unicorn. But I’m just Mireille…”

Then, yesterday, our little Unicorn proved she listens and absorbs way more than she ever lets on. Since moving to Colorado we’ve had some difficulty adapting to the local colloqualisms. It’s not too different here, but the differences that do exist between here and Milwaukee are hard, particularly for adults. The one that seems most stubborn for Jenny and I is calling the last meal of the day dinner (CO) instead of supper (WI). Any time Jenny will say it in front of Maylee, she will make a big deal of correcting her. Just yesterday, Jenny and I were sitting on our newly completed deck with Mireille and discussing what we should do for supper. Mireille looked seriously at Jenny and said quietly, “It’s dinner mom, not supper.” Maylee is so proud, and now I am double thinking anything I say in front of her.

Written by Brandon Grady
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