2018 Boy's Trip

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Day 1

Here we sit at 521 Elm St. in historic Leadville, CO, our VRBO for the weekend. Ethan, Quinton, and I are doing our first “boy’s weekend.” It was hard leaving Jenny and Mireille behind, but we stayed the course and are going through with it.

The trip up here was rougher than expected. Traffic out of Denver to the mountains via I70 was somehow worse than it normally would be when we are coming up to ski, but we persevered. We even took a slight detour going over Loveland Pass, a route that we normally cut short by 30 minutes by going through the Eisenhower tunnel, but this weekend is about adventure and doing things that we wouldn’t normally be able to do when the girls are around!

I wish I could report that the boys were having a fantastic time, but I don’t think that would quite be accurate. Our apartment is very nice. Two bedrooms, a kitchen, an eating area, and living area. The TV is millennial in nature - no cable TV, only Netflix and Amazon - which is right up our alley!

For dinner tonight we ended up at Quincy’s, a local steak house. For some that would be a treat, but the Grady’s aren’t super keen on steak, so we have a lot left over! Good for breakfast in the morning, I suppose! We did a little shopping as well to get breakfast supplies and snacks. Ethan and Quinton, left to their own devices, bought $16 worth of bacon for breakfast!!! I hope it all gets eaten!

Tomorrow is about ghost towns and hiking. Perhaps we’ll even take in the mining hall of fame or museum, who knows!

Quinton on Loveland Pass

Streetside at the Skihaus - our digs for the weekend

A Cat that Thinks it's a Dog - Quinton don's him 'Midnight'

The Skihaus Kitchen

Downtown Leadville

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