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Mireille is far and away the most observant of our children. Ethan’s not bad - far better than myself. Quinton, well, he and I are about in the same boat, and it’s not a good boat. Mireille will notice just about anything, even if it seems inconsequential. For example, Jenny occasionally colors her hair, but in a subtle way such that color blind me will not notice. Mireille does, though. The other day, Jenny swapped out the pulls on our dressers in our room, and the first thing Mireille said when she walked in the room was “when did you get new ones of these?”

The most interesting example lately was just the other day at breakfast. Due to the time of the year, it’s dark when we start breakfast. For some reason she happened to be looking out the window and she told Jenny that she saw an owl. Jenny figured she was just imagining or was seeing something else, but when Mireille insisted she look, Jenny went to the window to play along. A few seconds later the owl moved and Mireille pointed it out to Jenny, who finally then saw the owl. I’m sure there is a place for a talent like this. It’s pretty extraordinary, at least in our household.

The kids have been doing well. Last Friday, Jenny left town to spend the weekend with her sisters. Since Quinton and Mireille had no school on Friday, I took the day off and we putted around town a little bit. A buddy of mine texted me and asked us to meet him at his favorite “Asian Hot Pot” restaurant for his birthday, so I took Quinton and Mireille there. They were good sports. There was no “kid’s food” there to speak of, at least the type of food my kids eat, but they gave it a try and even enjoyed some of it. Quinton particularly liked the clams, and Mireille liked the fact that she got to cook her own food.

Trying Something New

Trying Something New

Lastly, it’s college application season. I took the picture below to commemorate Ethan’s first college applications. Yes, we are that old. Wish him luck in his quest to find somewhere to admit him, and more importantly, somewhere to give him some scholarships!

First College Applications

Written by Brandon Grady
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