Hawaii Vacation 2019 - Day 8

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Day 8 - Is it time to go home yet?

While we love Hawai’i, we are all ready to go home. We started the day like most others, coffee at the hotel lobby. We then collected the spawn and did some swimming before showering and heading back to Hale’iwa for lunch at “Killer Tacos.”

After lunch, we decided to do some more beach stuff. We got some stuff, though not as much as we did yesterday, and headed off on the .75 mile walk to Keiki Beach, home Keiki Pool, which is a natural pool in the beach that is popular for people with little kids with them.

Keiki Beach

The beach was fun, but probably targeted at kids smaller than most of ours, so we didn’t spend too much time there before we headed north towards the main beach. Along the way I saw a crab that seemed like he wanted to do battle with me. Instead, I took his picture. I also managed to slip and fall and damn near break my phone on the way. Getting old is fun.

Beach Going

A Crab!

We made it back to the main resort beach where we were greeted by some people setting up for a beach wedding, and also a humungous Hawai’ian Monk Seal. He (or she) had apparently decided to just hang out on the beach right there on the resort. The same group that had fenced off the area for the seal the other day had fenced off this area to keep people away and to let this guy just hang as long as he wanted. As of this writing, he had moved on, though it has been about 7 hours since then!

Hawai'ian Monk Seal

Ethan, Quinton, and I did a little snorkeling. Mireille and Jenny played in the waves and the sand. After about 45 minutes we were tired and went back to the room, but not before getting one last run at the pool.

Little pool action

Unfortunately, Mireille wasn’t feeling well, and Ethan was ready for some alone time, so we didn’t stay long before going to the room and resting. Around dinner time we headed to the grocery store to buy frozen pizzas and single serve beers for dinner, along with some snacks for the plane ride tomorrow. Before returning to cook our frozen treats, we stopped at one last famous Oahu stop, Ted’s Bakery, which is only like 2 miles from the resort.

Jenny and Ethan took one last tour of the grounds to see one last sunset while I stayed in the room with the younger ones and finished this blog in a 2+ hour writing session! Our flight is at 7:30 tomorrow, so we are leaving the grounds at 4:30 to make sure we have time to get through.

World Famous Ted's Bakery

Tomorrow I will sum up, but for now, it’s time to drink down the last of my beer and head off to bed.

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