Firsts, and a Conversation with Mireille

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Quinton started middle school this week. For some reason, middle school scares the hell out of me on behalf of my children. To boot, he’s been actively and heavily lobbying to be moved to the public school from our relatively more comfortable private school middle school situation. Well, he made pretty good arguments, so we relented, so now he has started school at Laredo Public Middle School, right next to where Ethan has spent his last 4 years at Smoky Hill.

So Quinton has a whole host of firsts that I will blog separately as they come. Ethan is heading to college in another week. Mireille is going to first grade. But this blog is specifically around a short conversation I had with Mireille on the way to dropping Quinton off to his first day of Middle School…

To set the stage, Jenny took Quinton to school, but I followed her so we could get a coffee before I continued on to work. Mireille decided she would ride with me. While we were riding, I started asking Mireille about her day. Here is a paraphrased version of this conversation, where B is me (Brandon) and M is Mireille.

B: How are you feeling today? Did you wake up dry this morning?

M: Yep. I don’t need diapers anymore dad. Pish posh.

(pause to react)

B: Pish posh, eh?! You know, it’s mom’s and my anniversary this week (our 23rd). Where do you think I should take her to eat?

M: (Immediately) Noodles.

M: (After a few seconds of thought) Well, a fancy noodle place.

B: Noodles, good idea. What do you think I should get her?

M: Maybe a pretty necklace. Not like the one you got her for her birthday, though. She didn’t like that one.

The conversation pretty much devolved from there.

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