The Dead Cat Saga

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A couple of weekends ago, Quinton and I, on a whim, went outside to play catch with a baseball. It’s sort of odd that we would do that. Most of Quin’s time at home involves playing XBox, and most of my time involves yelling at Quinton about playing XBox, but on this occassion we both decided to do something a little different.

Flash back to earlier that morning, upon waking up I saw that our doorbell camera had gone off a couple of times during the night. I studied the pictures (since I’m too cheap to pay for video storage) to find a cat hanging around on our front stoop. Kind of strange, but whatever. Later that morning I took something out to the garbage and, upon rounding the corner to the front of the house, I was presented with some kind of bad smell. I chalked it up to needing the garbage taken away and went about my day.

So, back to the front yard, Quinton and I are playing catch with the baseball when we are both affronted with a strange smell once again. I happened to glance over at the flower bed and saw a mound of something in there. I couldn’t quite place it, so Quinton and I walked over to investigate where we figured out that a cat had expired in our flower bed!

I quickly asked Mireille to go inside, but she was pretty curious. In the end, I tapped into my rural home ownership days and moved the cat to the common area behind our house to let nature take its course on it and to allow it to naturally decompose. Mireille decided to create a picture story of the whole ordeal, which I share with you now.

Quinton and I playing catch

We notice the mound. Take note of the flies around it, as well as the surprised expressions on our faces!

I move the cat with a shovel. It's a shovel. Don't get excited, ladies!

I throw the cat over the fence. Note the basketball hoop in the foreground.

Written by Brandon Grady
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