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Over the past several nights, in the midst of our Corona Quarantine, Quinton and I have started watching the show Locke and Key on Netflix together. It’s a nice time for the two of us to hang out, watch a pretty well done, suspenseful show together, and have some interesting banter and conversation as a matter of course. Last night, the episode was a little shorter than normal, and to be honest, our sleeping routines are starting to trend later on either end of the sleep equation, so after our episode was done, the next thing Netflix recommended for me to watch was a show called Sex Explained. Quinton looked at me with a little grin… Being the designated sex educator in the family, I made a command decision that it would be a fine thing for him to watch, though I hadn’t watched it myself, so I had no idea what the content might be like. It was rated TV-MA (which Quinton still pronounces TV “mah”) afterall.

This episode was only 16 minutes long, and really didn’t have anything too crazy in there, but they did cover some interesitng scientific and data related observations on the topic of attraction, and what draws two individuals together. They explained that there were four pillars of attraction, the first one being physical attraction (of course), but the second one being “geography.”

After the show was done, Quinton asked me what they meant by geography, and why did that have so much to do with attraction. I explained that I thought it was about having more access to people that were closer to you in the world, and that played into the people that you would create relationships with, naturally (you know, “and if you can’t be, with the one you love, love the one you’re with…"). He was visibly relieved and explained to me that he thought they meant it had something to do with how good you were in the subject of Geography!

School just closed for the year, so it seems we will have plenty more opportunities for these types of conversations!!!

Written by Brandon Grady
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