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For the vast majority of this blog’s audience (Hi mom and dad!), you probably don’t know much about the Youtube generation and what types of things go on here. I can’t say I know much more outside of what I observe from my children as they are interacting with these sites, but let me try to explain. In today’s day and age, being a “Youtuber” is an actual profession that people aspire towards. There are some “internet famous” people that actually make not only a living, but millions of dollars a year just posting videos on Youtube. Some notable ones are PewDiePie and Rhett and Link, among others. Basically they post various things to Youtube, ranging from just recording themselves doing something mundane like playing video games, to full on productions in an almost talk show format, sort of like a more interactive PeeWee’s Playhouse.

Mireille follows a couple of different video streams. Her favorite right now is “Super Cooper Sunday,” which is a couple who does things with their dogs and records it. She also watches one production of a girl around her age that does make-up tips for her dolls. So yeah, hard to comprehend!

Anyway, Mireille typically interacts with her Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, and the other day I saw her recording herself and talking to her tablet as though she were talking to her “subscribers.” After some research, I found out how to get that video off of her walled garden of a tablet environment and get it uploaded to Youtube for you to enjoy. It’s 3 minutes, and most of it is excruciating, but I highly recommend watching it through to the end and you just might learn something about coloring that you didn’t know before (you won’t, but you will get to see your adorable host, so that’s something). “Enjoy!”

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