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Day 1, really. Full day 1. Nothing on the plans for the day, so there was little possibility of being late. In that spirit, most of us managed to sleep well past 9:00, even Mireille. We got up and Jenny made some breakfast food that we had purchased, and we eventually meandered our way to the Party Deck!

This property is equipped with many outdoor surfaces from which to party. There is the boat deck, where one could party if they liked. There is the Martini Deck, another party location. There is the deck off of the game room, the deck off of the kitchen, and the main focal point of all water and party activities, the party deck.

The party deck was equipped with lots of chairs, a bar, a drink refrigerator, lots of floatation devices, and a slide. Sadly, the slide was limited to those weighing 125 pounds or less, which eliminated nearly all the adults and all but one of the kids (Quinton). Still, that was our destination for the day, and we stayed there pretty much all day. Todd and Sandi had brought a bluetooth speaker with them, so we played some music, and basically spent about 9-10 hours on the party deck!

Mireille comes in from the water

Drinks on the party deck

Jenny and I, almost at the last minute, decided to bring our inflatable paddle boards from home. They travel easy and are super fun to just putter around on the water with. They both got a workout on this trip!

Quinton on the Paddleboard

Here is the last time you will see this particular paddle. Quinton fell in the water at one point after taking this picture and the paddle didn’t manage to float enough where we could find it. The water was very deep around the party deck (and everywhere), and a bit murky. It was also quite fast for a lake! So once he lost track of it below the surface, it was gone.

Little did we know, that this is also the last picture where Quinton’s phone is available for use, at least to those of us that live above water. I suppose there is a possibility that it is not in the lake, but those odds are slim. The nice part about that was Quinton didn’t have a phone all week to wile away time, so he had to hang out with all of us! Whenever Quinton has fun on a vacation, we all have fun on a vacation!

Quinton and Mireille Swimming

Mireille, predictably, swam pretty much nonstop. She is a pretty good swimmer, though Jenny and I would have been more relaxed if we would have brought her a life jacket. Still, she had a good time!

Paddle board battle

Drinks in the water

A Wayward Fawn

Towards the late afternoon, somebody spotted a small fawn on the shorline. We followed it around a bit while it tried to make its way up the steep shore. At one point it had made it, only to fall back down in the water. Last we saw it, it had nuzzled up into a small outcropping in the water and was eating something. We checked the next day and didn’t find it there. We can only hope that it found its way back to its mother. Speaking of, there are a LOT of deer in the area, they are almost like squirrels. Particularly back on the lake roads, since vehicles go slower out there and the deer have an easier time avoiding them, I would imagine.

Moon on the Cove

Nighttime overlooking the Party Deck

Pizza was on deck for this night. Micky made some homemade pizza, along with, well, drinks… We had a much earlier night this night, having suffered just a little from the night before, so everybody had retired to their own rooms by about 11:00, ready for the big plans for Tuesday!

Written by Brandon Grady
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