Badger/Hawkeye Game

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Yesterday we went to the Badger/Hawkeye game, a thing we intend to do each year. Todd and Theresa, my uncle and aunt who live near Madison, offerred to watch Ethan for the day. He had a fine time, and the Hawkeyes won the game much to many a Madisonion’s chagrin. Ethan has always gotten along very well with Julia, the older of Todd’s two children, but lately he has been doing more and getting along very well with John, Julia’s younger brother. John, who is a year younger, is taller and bigger than Ethan. They really have started getting along very well together.

This morning Ethan came downstairs all dressed, he had dressed himself. He was bragging to his mom that his clothes matched and everything, even his shoes and the shirt he put on under his sweater. This is obviously a trait that he is picking up from Jenny’s side, as I have absolutely no talent in that area. He was so proud of himself, and I was as well.

We’ve been working on our letters lately. He’s doing pretty well, though they aren’t quite as interesting as super-heroes. Maybe I’ll try picking a superhero for each letter to help him learn that way. Oddly, he knows S and E almost anywhere, for Superman and Ethan (his other favorite super-hero).

Packer’s won today over the heavily favored Falcons. I hope they don’t blow their chance at a high draft pick…

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