Ethan Update

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Nothing special today. I just wanted to jot some random thoughts down about Ethan so that they wouldn’t be lost.

  • The other day Ethan asked me, “Dad, is Jesus stronger than Superman?”
  • Ethan has quite an affinity for his “booty.” The other day, he pulled his pants down in the back, exposing his plumber crack, and asked me, straight-faced, “has anybody seen my underwear?”
  • He is very interested in babies and how they are made. He is especially interested in how they get out of their mommy’s stomachs. I told him I didn’t know but that he should ask Micky, our friend who is pregnant. He told me that maybe the come out of their ears.
  • Last night, Ethan told me that poop comes from your brain. Not sure how he came up with that one. Everybody knows that’s where boogers come from, not poop.
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