First Birthday Party

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Ethan had his first non-family birthday party on Sunday. It was for Robert Dent, a boy from his daycare, who was turning five. They had the party at M&M Gymnastics in New Berlin and it involved doing some tumbling and eating pizza. Looked like fun. Mostly, though, it reminded me how old Ethan was getting.

Ethan also got to spend the day with our friends Micky and Tim on Saturday as Jenny and I had to go to a wedding. Apparently he was a very good boy, and even helped Micky setup her Christmas village. We were happy to hear that he was a good boy since it is always difficult to leave your child with friends and have them remain your friends for too long. He was very excited to go to their house, but for a strange reason. Jenny bought Ethan a shirt and tie for his upcoming Christmas concert. The shirt came with a tie, and she also bought him another, more Christmas-looking tie to go with it, so he had two ties. He was really excited to have a tie, but one of them was quite a bit too small for him. So he decided that Jacob, Micky and Tim’s 2 year old son, would like to have a tie as well. Ethan wore his tie over there, on a t-shirt, and apparently spent the better part of the first hour over there trying to convince Jacob that he should wear the other tie. Jacob did not agree, so Tim ended up having to wear the tie…

Written by Brandon Grady
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