Four Eyes!

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n has finally succumb to the fates of his genes, or I suppose since we’re (yes, that was intentional) learning about heredity in science right now, the alleles that he’s been gifted from Jenny and I, and has gotten glasses. His prescription is very mild - he only needs them for class, pretty much, not for sports or basically anything else. But it has begun. Later this year we will probably be putting him in braces (for his teeth, not his legs). Get in line, ladies!!!

Actually, all in all I think he’s pretty lucky. I was 6 when I got glasses, and I needed them all the time. He’s almost 12 and has just a mild prescription, so it looks like he will be lucky and have Jenny’s weak eyes rather than mine (thanks, mom). Of course, that comes with Jenny’s bad teeth, too (not my good ones - thanks, mom!).

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