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We had Ethan’s parent-teacher conference yesterday. He is doing very well in School, mostly thanks to Jenny. She works with him constantly on his school work as well as reading, basic math and the like. It’s a lot of work, but it is apparently paying off. While in the conference we were able to read some of Ethan’s stories and reports that he’s been writing up. I plan on posting a couple of them to this blog in the near future. One of them which is hilarious is his essay on what he would do if he were president. He is clearly a democrat in the making, let’s just put it that way.

Speaking of politics, Ethan has been very interested in the whole political process during this election season. During the lead-up to the election, he was often coming home and asking Jenny and I who we were going to vote for. Like everything else, he would change his mind on his vote on a daily, or sometimes hourly basis. I think he ended up “voting” for John McCain. Yes, we live in the republican underbelly of this proud blue state. I can’t remember his exact reasons for “voting” for McCain. At one point he wanted Obama because “McCain is too old.” Oddly that’s not too far off of the reasoning I was using…


Quin is rapidly developing right before our eyes. If you haven’t seen him for a month or two, you might not recognize him. He now has 5 teeth that have broken the gum line with no fewer than 3 more just about to poke through. The first few teeth he cut were a bit of an ornery experience for him, but now he seems to take it all in stride. He is a very happy kid almost all the time!

He is now crawling in earnest. He’s been doing that for almost a month now, but only recently has he gone up on all fours more often than he has done the “army crawl.” One of his favorite destinations is the dog dish, mostly because he knows he’s not supposed to go there. Just yesterday, he headed out of the kitchen, then waited in the hallway until I came out there to look at him. When he saw me, he turned around and bolted as quickly as he could for the dog dish, laughing all the way. Now he is starting to venture into the third dimension by pulling himself up onto tables, people’s legs, the toilet, you name it. Looks like it is time to lower his crib mattress.

Unfortunately Quin is sick right now. We’ve come to expect this having had Ethan go through the daycare experience. I seem to remember some winters where Ethan seemed like he was sick from October through June. Luckily sickness doesn’t seem to dampen Quin’s spirits at all. What does dampen his spirits (actually it pisses him off) is when we have to wipe his nose. Mean parents!

I am not at home to post pictures and Ethan’s creations right now, so look for them in a quick update post later this week.

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