Glenwood Springs, CO

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A few weeks ago (well, over a month ago now), we took a trip to Glenwood Springs, CO. It was a trip to celebrate the end of summer and to get away for a little bit before the kids started school the next week. It was a nice long weekend, though the traffic coming down from the mountains left little to be desired.

At a high level, we walked around, went on some long bike rides along the Colorado River, visited a wild west theme park on the top of a mountain, took a cave tour, and did the hike at Hanging Lake. For anybody looking to go to Hanging Lake, here are my recommendations:

  • Get there early, or park at a rest area to the WEST and bike or walk to the trailhead. We biked - it worked great.
  • Take LOTS of water. We didn’t…
  • It is a fairly difficult hike, particularly at the top. Mentally prepare yourself for that.
  • It is much longer than you think. Mentally prepare yourself for that.

Rather than blather on about it, I made this short video composed of pictures and video that we took on the trip. Hope you enjoy it.

Written by Brandon Grady
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