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After having been read the riot act by my mother, I have decided to finally make a most delayed post. In the past two weeks, Quin has been passing milestones by the handful and I have neglected to document them here, so here goes.

Two weeks ago Friday, Quin passed not one, not two, but three milestones in a 12 hour period. First, he ate rice cereal for the first time, and gobbled it up completely. I mean, he really liked it! Next, after his meal, Brett and I put him on the floor and he was observed for the first time rolling over (he had previously rolled over in bed two times, but this was the first time another human saw him). To top off the act, Quin slept for 9.5 hours that night from 8:30 to 6:00!!! That was the big one in my book!

Now, two weeks later, Quin is eating cereal and fruit on a daily basis. He has eaten pears and bananas so far and has really liked both of them. He also rolls over ALL THE TIME! It’s actually to the point where we have to watch him more closely because he is starting to use it as a means of propulsion. Unfortunately, the last item on the list hasn’t taken quite as quickly. He has ripped off a couple of 8-9 hour sleep nights in the intervening time, but has also reverted oddly back to the 4 hours sleep and up pattern at times. That is VERY frustrating as he has set a high water mark now and I expect that to be met on a nightly basis! I guess I haven’t reached too many of my milestones as a second parent yet, unfortunately.

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