Mission Accomplished

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I’m sure I’ve been more proud of Ethan, but I can’t remember when. Tonight Ethan showed me that he can snap his fingers. About a week ago he showed me that he could whistle… I think it was a couple of weeks ago that he had asked me on separate occasions how to whistle and how to snap your fingers. I showed him what I knew, but ultimately, it is hard to teach somebody how to do something like that. I told him to keep practicing, and he did. He practiced, and practiced, and practice. The payoff started about a week ago with whistling, when he finally figured out the right aperture for his mouth to make a sound. Now, a week later, he is whistling tunes. Then tonight, he finally figured out to snap his fingers. I think he may have gotten some encouragement from his Grandma Grady, but he did it. He said he wanted to do it, he couldn’t at first, but he kept at it until he finally did it!

This weekend was Thanksgiving. Ethan is starting to get along better and better with his new cousin, Jessica, Tony and Michelle’s daughter who is closer in age to Ethan than any of this other cousins. He is also starting to get better and better at sounding out his words to decipher the first letter of most words. Of course, most of the time he just identifies the sound and adds the “ee” sound to the end of it. Like I will ask him what “friend” starts with and he will say, “fff-riend – fee!” There must be some kind of logic in that, and I’m sure he will solve it eventually as there are a finite number of letters to figure out.

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