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Announcing ([]!

It’s with some degree of excitement that I announce that I am retiring Over the years, the Blogger platform has served me well. It has captured many memories that I enjoy reading and re-reading.

No, I’m not giving up blogging. In fact, I’m doubling down on it! I’m just giving up on Blogger. As I said, it has served me well, but my interests have moved on. I wanted something that I could have better control over, something I could call my own. Oh, and I already owned the domain name and was paying for hosting… That site was in desperate need of a refresh. Combine that with a need to rejuvenate the blog, and you have the relaunched ([]

The plan is to continue to post whimsical things about my kids, but to expand the content to some of my other interests, like movies, beer, gadgets, programming, and the like. If you are a long-time reader of this blog (all 6 of you), you will still find that content at the new place. You will also likely find a bunch of stuff in which you have no interest, and that’s OK. The new platform should help you to see only the stuff that is interesting to you in an easy to navigate fashion.

So head on over there. This will be my last post to this site. In the near future, I will be pulling the content from this blog and re-posting it on the new platform so you can view all of the past content that was available here on the new site.

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