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I’m putting a stake in the ground to start doing these again. Perhaps once a week is a good goal, but I need to get it done…

So much has happened since the last time I ‘blogged, it would be foolish to try to recap. Instead, I’ll talk about the most significant event of recent memory, our adoption. Jenny and I have been trying to have another child for several years now, but with no success. Finally last year we visited a fertility doctor who informed us it was unlikely to happen for various reasons. Rather than try to get a donor egg and try invetro fertilization, we decided to pursue adoption. Three weeks ago, we were finally selected by a birth mother.

Should everything go through as expected, our birth mother should be giving birth any day now. She was due on February 5. Here we are on the 15th and she has just started to labor, so good news should follow soon.

To simplify, I will probably continue to ‘blog under this site but perhaps under a new title. More to come…

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