Northern Exposure

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It’s a lovely evening in the North Woods. This week is our family vacation, and this year we have chosen to spend it in St. Germain, WI at a cabin on the lake. It’s absolutely lovely up here!!! We’re not more than 30 feet from the lake.

We weren’t here for 10 minutes before Ethan had his swimming suit on and was in the water!!! It’s really amazing to me how he’s taken to the water in the last few months. Anyway, he no longer has any problem with water over his head (as long as he’s wearing a life jacket). The beach is literally 30 feet from our house, so he’s been in the water more than he’s been out of it for the last 30 hours.

Today he made a new friend. Andrew, the 7 year old from next door, introduced himself and they have become fast friends. It’s hard for Jenny and I since Andrew is used to all kinds of independence. Today they went over to the location of the “camp fire” without telling us. I followed them (from a long ways back) and got yelled at when I finally caught up to them. “Why are you here,” they asked me. “Just not ready to let my baby go,” I should have honestly responded.

Grandpa and Grandma Grady are here today and tomorrow. Tibbett’s are coming on Wednesday. Ethan really seems to be enjoying himself!!!

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