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The other day we were at a party where we stayed pretty late. On the way home, Ethan engaged us in interesting conversation, as always. I can’t remember the exact context, but he asked something about somebody and if they were “a black.” We told him that it was not appropriate to refer to somebody as “a black,” it could be insulting. Instead he should use “black person,” or better yet, “African American.” He took this in stride and continued on with his conversation. After we got home, I was upstairs putting him to bed, when he asked me, “Dad, is it OK to call myself ‘a white?’ If I do that, am I insulting myself?” I had to tell him that I honestly didn’t know…

After Quin’s driving incident, one would think we would no longer let him behind the wheel of a car. Tonight he fetched me, took me by the hand, and brought me to Jenny’s car, where he instructed me to get in the passenger’s seat and buckle my “beatbel (seatbelt).” I asked him where we were going, and he said “work.” He is quite obsessed with going to work, apparently.

One thing I find amazing about Quin lately is his memory. Jenny is a bit of a Chai Tea Latte addict. When she has Quin on Fridays, there is a better than good chance that they will go to Starbucks and she will get a latte while Quinny will get a donut. On Monday we were driving in Delafield, a place we don’t go very often, and Quin saw a Starbucks, which prompted him to shout, “Donut, yeah!!!” I’m not sure if he was remembering a time when Jenny took him there, or if he has learned to recognize the sign - normally they go to the Oconomowoc Starbucks… Either way, I’m pretty impressed.

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