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Welcome to the new year! With a new year comes a renewed hope that I will actually keep this thing up to date. Here goes this week’s attempt!

Quin continues to grow up fast. Despite that, he still has the occasional accident at night where he wets his bed - and when he does, he wets it epically (his word). So we typically put him in a pull-up in the evening, which he takes like a good sport. A couple of mornings ago, I had just gotten done going for a run and was getting ready to take a shower. In our house, modesty is laughed at, so I was trekking from my bedroom to the bathroom, where Quin was using the toilet, without any clothing on. Since I had just gotten done running, I had the imprint of my elastic band shorts around my waist. Quin took a look at me, unfazed by the fact that I was completely nude, and gave me a concerned look. He pointed and said, “that hurts, doesn’t it!” I didn’t know what he was talking about, so I pressed him for details. He pointed at the imprint of my elastic band shorts and said, “there, where your pullup was. That hurts. I know!”

We’re also trying to do our best to provide Quin with some positive black role models. It’s no small feat living in an area where the school system boasts a 99% white population and 1% “other.” But Jenny is quite determined, so she found a class that taught Hip-Hop Dance that had an African-American male teacher named Paul. We kept asking Quin if he wanted to try it out, but he continually said no. Finally, being the good parents we are, we tricked him and took him there anyway. Upon arrival at the studio, Quin finally asked where we were. We responded that we were at the dance class. To his credit, he didn’t lose his cool - he just stated plainly that “I don’t want to show off all my moves here…”

For those wondering, we’re still working on our adoption of Mireille, our daughter in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We have completed most hurdles, but the final ones are eluding us due to various circumstances. I will blog at length about them in coming weeks, particularly if the logjam clears somehow. Just know that we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our daughter on US soil, and are starting to feel the need to learn French.


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