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Top 10 things Quin does that drive mom and dad crazy!!!

  1. Plays with the computer mouse while they’re using the computer.
  2. Drinks from the dog’s dish
  3. Plays in the dog’s dish
  4. Plays in the toilet
  5. Takes all the toilet paper and paper towels off of their dowels onto the floor
  6. Identifies anything that is not currently on the floor and within his reach and frees it to the floor
  7. Eats dog food
  8. Climbs the stairs when nobody is watching
  9. Touches the TV
  10. Licks things (like the gym wall and miscellaneous bolts sticking out from it)

Top 10 things Quin does that make us wish we had a dozen more

  1. Big wet kisses
  2. 100 Megawatt smiles
  3. Sleeping 11 hours at a crack
  4. Constant laughter
  5. Cuddles (for anybody, not just mom and dad)
  6. Playing the piano
  7. Cat-like curiosity
  8. Playing peek-a-boo
  9. Saying “da da” (this might be on Jenny’s other list)
  10. All the rest of the things on the first list
Written by Brandon Grady
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