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Lots has happened since the last time you were updated on my two favorite kids. Ethan and Quin’s only remaining great-grandmother passed away, Ethan received his first communion, and Quin has had his first ride on the lawnmower… Let’s begin.

To set the table, I used to watch video blogs on the mac while I was feeding Quin last year. It was nice because I was able to control them with the remote control while I used my other hand to hold the bottle. One of my favorite blogs is College Humor. The video I happened to be watching that day was titled “Pot Cookie Monster” about a cookie monster like the one from Sesame Street but instead of regular cookies, he liked pot cookies… Here is the video…

At any rate, about a week ago, out of the blue, Ethan asked me who my favorite Sesame Street character was. It’s not unusual for him to ask my favorite of whatever, today it just happened to be Sesame Street Characters… I answered, because I have to, “I don’t know, maybe Oscar the Grouch.” He responded that his was Big Bird. I then thought about it and said, “wait, maybe Cookie Monster.” He asked me, “don’t you mean Pot Cookie Monster.” I guess the moral of the story is that Net Nanny and other programs to protect your kids from these types of things on the internet aren’t that effective if you are letting them watch you browse the internet…

Last weekend was Ethan’s first communion. He did fine, but he was a little nervous. At one point I caught him rehearsing the exact position of his hands when he went up to receive the host.

Quin is getting bigger and more bold all the time. He has now successfully climbed the ladder up to Ethan’s top bunk and found a way to crawl into the bed! Today I found him on top of the kitchen table!!!

Quin is also talking a bit more. His best expression (the one we can understand the best) is “All Done,” which he sings rather than says. Lately he’s been making Mmmm sounds, which Jenny hopes will lead him to finally say “mama” but so far no luck. He’s also starting to mimic Ethan pretty well. Ethan is a bit of a protector and enforcer with Quin, so when Quin starts doing something “naughty,” Ethan says “No no no.” Of course, Quin picked that up right away and can now say “No No No” in the right context and everything!

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