Smartest Kid Alive???

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I can’t be sure, and I’m probably not a good judge since he is my child, but I’m pretty certain that Quinton is the smartest 13 month old to have graced the planet. My first clue happened a couple of days ago. We sat him in his high-chair to feed him and mixed all of the food onto his tray. His tray does have segmented areas, but we generally just put stuff in the large middle one. I think we put some chicken, apples, cheese, and crackers on the tray. He finished up the apples and cheese pretty quickly as they are two of his favorite foods, but the crackers and chicken remained in the center. I turned around to do something (I would claim that I was doing dishes, but my wife may call my lie out on that one), and when I turned back, all but a few of the crackers had been placed in one of the segmented partitions. I watched in amazement as he sorted the remaining 2 or 3 crackers out from the chicken and the proceeded to eat the crackers one by one, all the while ignoring the chicken (he doesn’t like meat very much). Some could argue that it is an early sign of OCD, but I’m pretty sure it’s an early sign of pure genius!

Another sign showed up a couple of weeks ago. He has a toy telephone that he carries around with him. Lately I’ve seen him talking on the telephone. I’m not really sure how he got that one. I’m guessing one of us did that to the phone since this is a pretty antiquated toy telephone, looking more like the phones of the 80’s and 90’s rather than the ones we use today, but he knew what it was for!

Speaking of talking, apparently Quin has been talking to us for quite awhile. It took his grandparents to realize it. We left Quin with them while we vacationed in Lutsen, MN for a ski getaway and when we returned, my mom and dad told us all the words that they recognized. Sure enough, taken contextually, he was saying all sorts of words! Before we left, we thought all he said was “da-da” and “da-di-di-da” and other variations therein. But if you listen close, he is actually saying words. The ones we recognize so far (and this is not all inclusive) are:

  • Hi
  • Dada
  • Thank You
  • All Done
  • Uh Oh
  • Barley
  • Ethan
  • Peep

I’m sure there are more, but those are some of the more frequent ones.

I haven’t even started talking about how well he sings! Oh well, I guess that’s good material for another post sometime down the road.

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