Pajama Day

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Ethan is so excited. Today he gets to wear his pajamas to school. When I told him, the first thing he asked me was, “is everybody going to wear them?” After I told him yes, it was full steam ahead. He picked out the pajamas he wanted, made us wash them, and picked out some slippers. This morning he told me that he didn’t want any milk on his cereal so he didn’t get his jammies wet…

We’re also having interesting conversations regarding a new baby sister. Ethan wants one, and bad. We think the pressure is coming from school where they are discussing families in Spanish. Ethan may be the only single child in his class, and I think that sort of upsets him. Anyway, he has decided he’s going to have a baby sister, and he’s going to call her Paige Grady. He will feed her, put her to bed, and change her diapers when they are wet, but mom and I have to change them when they are poopy. Also, she is not allowed to use his bathtub because she might poop in there and that would make it smell… These discussions have also brought up the inevitable, “where do babies come from” discussions. He knows they grow in the mommy’s belly, but he really wants to know how they get in there… I keep telling him that I will tell him when he’s 10.

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