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Most days are pretty much the same. I get up at 5:30, shower, get Ethan up at 6:00, make breakfast for us, then leave around 6:30 to get him to School. After that I’m not sure what typically happens as Jenny just takes care of it. Well, last week I had the opportunity to walk Quinton to school because Ethan had final exams and would be getting done around the time Quinton would normally be going to school.

We are really lucky to be within a very achievable walk from Quinton’s school. It’s literally right down the road, so it wouldn’t even make sense to start the car, but on this particular day it was complicated by the fact that it had snowed earlier in the week. And when I say it snowed, it was a significant snow, like 8-10 inches, which in Wisconsin is nothing really to write home about, but the concept of snow removal in Colorado is WAY different than what it is in Wisconsin. So since it hadn’t warmed up yet, and the sidewalk is on the south side of the road where no sun really hits it, and people don’t really shovel all that well for the most part since it typically just melts within a day or so normally, well, it was a slightly harder walk to school than it normally would have been.

It got me to thinking… Now, Quinton certainly has some things that are very difficult for him. Things that most people would normally never have to even think about. But those aren’t the things that he complains about right now. He’s seven… The things he complains about are actually sort of laughable. One thing that really upsets him is that he has to setup the video game for us to play. He likes to play Madden with me, so I always ask him to set it up then I’ll come in and play. Whenever I do that, he complains loudly that “I always have to setup the video game. Can’t you do it once?” Talk about first world problems!

Don’t ask me why all of these thoughts struck me as I was walking home from dropping him off at school. He didn’t even complain at all about the walk. But for some reason I could imagine Quinton one day talking to his kids or grandkids about how he used to have to walk to school, in the snow, uphill…

Written by Brandon Grady
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